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First time you ever heard Jamiroquai? ("DETAIL")
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Joined: 19 Mar 2013
Posts: 184
Location: Arizona, USA

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 09:20    Reply with quote

HoneyBee wrote:
I read the beginning from CosmicMouse -saying she was told it was Stevie Wonder playing in her club back in '94! And I remember the comparison of JK to Stevie Wonder.

I never really thought much about JK sounding like Stevie, but the first 2 albums really do. I don't know anybody here who compares him to Stevie though! And as Stevie's music got kinda boring, Jamiroquai got more interesting!

(can I say that?)

As Amurricans we can easily say that! Laughing

See now, the first time I heard Jamiroquai was back in '93. I can't be sure, it's hazy, but I could have sworn Blow Your Mind came on The (Juke)Box back then. Because I do remember seeing a jazzy black and white video that was chilled and it wasn't Diggable Planets.
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Joined: 18 Jul 2011
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 08:53    Reply with quote

Well, I first discovered Jamiroquai in 2010 around the time when Rock Dust Light Star was released. Before that, I knew the name Jamiroquai, but didn't know any song of them...

So, on a hot day in July 2010 i saw the video of Love Foolosophy on a german music tv channel. I liked it very much and I thought: "What a great tune, perfect for the summer!". Then I went on youtube and listened to Love Fool a couple times again. After that, I didn' t search for more Jamiroquai and almost forgot about it (shame on me Wink )

In late August 2010 I re-disovered Jamiroquai again. This time White Knuckle Ride was released and I heard it a couple times on an italian radio station. When I heard it, I said to myself: "Damn, this has to be one of the greatest songs I have ever listened to Wink ". I didn't exactly knew, who played that song. So I searched for it and it turned out, that is was Jamiroquai. Very Happy

Shortly after that I bought the High Times Greatest Hits album and listened to it nearly every day. Then I bought RDLS in November, in December i bought the first 4 albums and Dynamite and AFO came in April 2011. Since then I am a big fan of their music Smile
...because these are high times that we are livin' in...
---Jamiroquai Fan since 2010---
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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 18:42    Reply with quote

back in 96 my older brother's girlfriend spnet some time in california. she came back and gave my brother TWM album. i was 14 years old and the music i used to listen at that time was mainly the style known as "rock radical vasco" wich includes styles from punk to rock, passing through ska, reagge and heavy metal. i always had a very musical life, i always liked music but my main priority on it was for the lyrics. Most of the music i listened since a little child was accompained by lyrics about revolution, independence, freedom, fighting for your rights etc. i also had always loved music bands with sense of humor in their lyrics so until that day my favorite bands were "su ta gar", "kortatu", "la polla records" and stuff like that, but i also use to listen to "emilio aragon" and more internationally known "nirvana" and "gun's n' roses".
But first time i saw the TWM i got amazed. Just looking to the cover of the album i was mesmerized, and watching the inside booklet with those cosmic-spacey themed crazy photos of the band travelling around the galaxy and that buffaloman in different background colours just hit me very deeply. Listening to the music i got the same feeling. i loved instantly. i remember "cosmic girl" was my favorite one those first time listening to the album. i spent the rest of the year listening to this cd again and again as i was hooked up with this band. Later i started to know more about the band and i bought the previous albums. the result was exactly the same. i totally loved all about this band. for me this kind of music was unique and incredible. the voice, the instrumentation, the arrangments, the logo, the style...everything was incredible for me and it changed my life.
some time later i realized i already knew about this band previously without knowing because i saw light years video back in 95, wich i loved because of the snowboard theme.
the rest is history.
i still listen to all the bands i use to like previously to jamiroquai, except for gun's n roses, but jamiroquai became my absolute favorite, and it made me open to another kind of styles, bands and sounds and now i'm a real music freak.
my love for jamiroquai is a kind of tribute to my love for all the music.

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Officer & Jamily Coach

Joined: 07 Oct 2005
Posts: 5564
Location: Austraria

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 19:35    Reply with quote

loved this story jamirokaki!!! thanks for sharing!
"Here it is...there is no way to make it better "
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Joined: 03 Mar 2012
Posts: 19
Location: Brazil

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 23:01    Reply with quote

Hmmmm hehehe... it's fun reading all these memories. I'll share mine :]

I have this vague memory of me and my father watching Virtual Insanity on the tv... my older brother came and my father said "hey, we watched a nice videoclip". My brother asked which video... but father couldn't explain how the video was. I guess it was too crazy. My brother gave up and left the room.

That was my first contact with the music, but I think it wasn't in the time of it's release because I was 3 years old and probably I would not remember about it.

So... I knew Jamiroquai, but I wasn't a fan. Around 2009 I read about acid jazz and downloaded some Jamiroquai albums. I didn't even know that at the time they were recording a new one. When I heard the news I asked the cd for Christmas.

Funny thing is that I didn't know my uncle was a fan of the band until I showed him the new cd. I was happy because I like my uncle, and it was really cool to share the same interests with him. I remember him talking about Jay Kay and his cars. I didn't know anything about him... I was like "coool man".

I think Jamiroquai instigated my interest about music. I became more critical, because reading about them, reading this forum and stuff, I got new references of artists and music, and that really changed my mind. I even started playing keyboard and realised I actually could play it haha. (but I still fail at playing their songs =/)

By the way.................I hope my english is fine
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Jam Vibe

Joined: 24 Apr 2015
Posts: 151

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 02:05    Reply with quote

I have discovered Jamiroquai back when i was 6!

My dad had the habit of buying a lot of random used CD's back in the 90's and just keeping the good tracks on his computer. And one particular track that caught his attention was Do You Know Where You're Coming From.

The first time i've listened to it was on the car and it sounded so great that then i've asked him to put the track on the desktop of the computer so then every day after school i could play it. I was playing that track a number of times per day.

Then i made a search with the name Jamiroquai on the pc and found the others tracks, which was Everyday, Alright and Cosmic Girl. After that Jamiroquai turned into more than my favorite band. It became an obsession! Haha

I've made some search on the web later when i was older and downloaded the rest of their discography and today keep collection their rarities!

Although, despite the fact i'm a TWM born fan, now at age of 15 Dynamite and Rock Dust Light Star are the albums i listen to more often.
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