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70's Jazzfunkateer

Joined: 15 Dec 2016
Posts: 35
Location: London

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 00:44    Reply with quote

The roots of Jamiroquai as I see them and recommendations in a similar groove.
You can see my initial notes/review of the new album here:

THE SOULHEAD TALES;https://soulboytales.wordpress.com
15/1/18 The blog will be updated soon.
The latest version is posted below..
The last time I was on the forum I was given a link to a wikipedia page which makes the claim that acid jazz is a musical genre created in London during the 80's. I was in London all through the 80's and I can tell you that it is not. As I previously explained on the forum it was a misunderstanding and that some kids in the 90's called Jazzfunk acid jazz because of the record label. I said little else but kept the page my watch list. Since then someone has gone back to the page and added what I said, but used it in entirely the wrong context right at the end of the page to make it look as if the confusion was due to something else. The sound being referred to is nothing more than Rare Groove. Rare Groove is classic late 1960's/1970's Jazz, Funk and Soul. Acid Jazz was the name of a movement here in London during the 1990's. They were the successors to our original British Jazz Funk movement known as Soul Boys, Soul Heads or Jazzfunkateer's. We formed in the late 1970's and disbanded in the mid 1980's when R&B/Funk became mainstream in the UK. Acid jazz records had nothing whatsoever to do with us or our movement at any time in the 80's. The original writer Who's gone missing, and who claimed that he worked for acid jazz from 1991 onwards was not old enough to have been part of our Soul movement and does not speak for any of us who were there. He would have been a small child in the 1980's.Just because you put the words "acid jazz" on jazz funk mixes does not mean that you have invented a new genre.

The page falsely claims that bands once defined as acid jazz bands became known as jazz funk bands. No Funk bands in the UK were ever defined as 'acid' jazz bands and thats why they can't name one. The phrase was unheard of in the 1980's. Our mates in the House movement called some of their sound "Acid house" in the late 80's but us Funksters never ever used the phrase 'acid'. Younger Brits and Londoners ask your Funky elders, whom if they were Original Soulheads will now be in their 50's and upwards. They like me would have grown up with Funk bands such as Delegation, Imagination, Level 42, Central Line, High Tension and Brit Funk in the 70's and 80's. They will confirm what I'm saying. Show them this post if you like. Especially if they are in the media. The people behind the fake news wikipedia page have nothing to do with any of us the creators of the Soulhead movement. They are Americans and a small number of Brits who have the page and others on lock-down. It's immediately apparent to any 70's Funkster that they have little knowledge of the music that they are trying to categorize as an English genre called acid jazz. They have basically grouped a whole load of Jazz funk, Rare groove, South American and Latin Soul bands together and are trying to claim that they play a music genre called acid jazz invented in London by a DJ. Dubstep and Jungle came out of London in the late 80's. Rare Groove is 70's American/Latin Soul. Regardless of what Americans in control of a music page about Black music in London have written, no one over here (UK) invented James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Miles, Herbie, Byrd. Roy Ayres, Gamble and Huff, The Mizell Brothers or American Jazz Funk and Soul in the 1990's. "Acid jazz" is nothing more than a cynical attempt at music appropriation. Its a lie.

Wherever you see any English band being described as an "Acid jazz" band, then unless they are referring to the London movement of the 1990's, treat it as either a lack of musical knowledge or deliberate dis-information. Once again ask anyone who was there. The architects of the late 80's British Jazz Funk/Rare Groove sound were Carl and Nick (Loose Ends), Jazzie B, the Collective and the Funky Dreads (Soul to Soul), The Cool Notes, Omar Lye Fook, Monie Love, The Jazz Funk collective with former members of Light of the World, Incognito, Central Line, Beggar & co, Tubbs and The Team, Producer Derek Bramble from Heatwave with Jaki Graham and David Grant, The Passedenas, Ruby Turner, Sade, Omar Lye Fook,Maxi Priest and a whole host other of UK Soul bands in the late 80's. Acid jazz records had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of any sound or genre in London. All these UK soul acts are still around on social media. There are thousands of old Skool Soulheads about all over Britain so don't just take my word for it ask an elder or a Soul DJ who was around in the 70's. Chris Hill, Greg Edwards and Robbie Vincent, Pete Tong, Craig Charles, Norman Jay and co are still around. They were all fellow London Soulheads. Send them a link to this post if you like.

Why are you so bothered? Because the creators of original Funk deserve credit and they deserve to eat too. Many are in old age now. Some are ill and can't afford their medical bills. Americans do not have access to the free health care that we do in the UK. No one has the right to airbrush them from history just so that people can make money out of them by renaming their music and then trying to take credit for their sounds, none of which they created or are responsible for. That little royalty check they (Original 70's Funksters) might receive because forum members buy their Cd's or go to their PA's/Concerts after discovering them on the soulhead tales could make all the difference. They should not be left to die unrecognized, lonely or poverty stricken like so many other muscicians have done over the years. That's why I'm bothered. I Know a select group of "connected" people on the forum don't share my sentiments but that won't stop me from saying it. And I know it won't stop some of you either at whatever juncture.
That was just to set the record straight at least on this forum.The truth does not fear investigation. The original purpose of this list however remains the same. To fill you with Funk Energy and Positive Vibrations. It contains a Powerful intention so may you be lifted...Now enjoy the FUNK !!!.....


When you gonna learn
(1970’s SOUL)

Jay Kay

Earth Wind and Fire; Africano-[The “didgi” intro only]
Weldon Irvine; We getting down
Herbie Hancock; Chameleon-[Bassline]
[The Chorus]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Los Conquistadores Chocolates
The Sylvers; Starfire-[Elements of the horns & chorus]
Double Exposure; My Love is free
Chaka Khan; Any Love-[Elements of the keyboard]
Roy Ayres; If you love me-[Elements of the horns & chorus]
The Brothers Johnson; Ain’t we funking now-[yrics“ Yeah! Uh huh”-- “Uh huh yeah heh..”]
Curtis Mayfield; (Don't Worry) If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go-[Violins at the end]
[lyrics; “They are all political actors”--- “So politicians this time..”]
Curtis Mayfield; Move on up-[Violins]
Bobbie Humphrey; New York times-[The flute at the end]

Too young to die
(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

[Brit Funk] Soul to Soul; The meaning of Life [Intro Only]
Bob James; Sign of the times-[Bassline & Elements of the groove]
Curtis Mayfield; Freddie’s dead-[Groove and Violins]
Curtis Mayfield; Eddie you should know better-[Keyboard rift @ 0144 “... that's freezing his mind”]

[The Chorus]
Stevie Wonder; Too High, Rocket love, & Ribbon in the sky-[“Do do do do doo..”]
Earth Wind and Fire; My love-[The intro is looped throughout the track]
The Barkays; You can’t run away-[Elements of the groove]
Hubert & Debra Laws; Family
Lukk; On the one
Roy Ayres-[The horns/violins]
Gotta find a lover, Third eye, You send me, Red black and green, & Fire weaver

[Brit Funk]-Loose Ends; A little spice-[Long version]
Jeff Redd; What goes around comes around
Stevie Wonder; Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)

What is SOUL Music?

The Isley Brothers; Summer Breeze
Marvin Gaye; I want you
Dorothy Moore; Misty Blue
Earth Wind and Fire; Reasons & Fantasy
L.T.D; Lovers everywhere (Geoffrey Osborne)
The Jacksons; Time waits for no one
Aretha Franklin; You make me feel like a natural Woman
Randy Crawford; You might need somebody
Bloodstone; We go a long way back
Otis Redding; Try a little tenderness
The Commodores; Sail on
Teena Marie; Portuguese Love
Rick James; Ebony Eyes
Geoffrey Osborne; Wings of Love
Barry White; Just the way you are
Cameo; Hanging Downtown
The Commodores; Night shift (Post Lionel Richie)
[British Soul] Sade; Diamond life
[British Soul] Billy Ocean; Suddenly
The Rev Al Green; Lets stay together
Teddy Pendergrass; The whole Town's laughing at me
Anita Baker; Sweet Love
Witney Houston; Saving all my love for you
Alexander O'Neal; If you were here tonight
Freddie Jackson; Rock with me tonight
Luther Vandross; A house is not a home
James Brown; It's a Mans World
Lionel Richie; Three times a lady

Hooked Up
(1970’s FUNK, Incorporating “Go Go DC” The sound of Washington)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Terrance Trent D’arby; Dance little Sister [Extended remix version]
Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers; Bustin’ loose (Go Go DC)
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Tell me what to do-[Second half of the bassline]

[The Bridge]
Roy Ayres; Tongue power & Brother green
[Underlying groove]
Roy Ayres: Cincinnati
Pleasure; Can’t turn you loose

[The Horns]
Brass Construction; Movin’
Earth Wind and Fire;
Jupiter & Get away
Marva Witney; It’s my thing-[Intro only]
Roy Ayres; You and me my love-[Horns and keyboard’s]
[Underlying groove]
Trouble Funk; Drop the bomb (Go Go DC) [lead guitar]
Gayle Adams; Love Fever [lead guitar]
Pleasure; Ghetto’s of the mind & I’m Mad-[Rythmn guitar]

[The ending]
Jack Mc Duff; Electric surfboard (The rift appears towards the end @ 04.14)
Jeff Lorber; Tune 88.

[The Classic Jazz Style of the intro]
Bernard Wright; We're just the band
Patrice Rushen; Haw right now
Herbie Hancock; Swamp rat
Eric Dolphy; Hat and Beard (Original Jazz)

If I like It I just do it
(1970’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Nick Van Gelder

Stevie Wonder; Anything you want me to do (“Anything you want me to do”- “If I like it I just do it”)
Earth Wind and Fire; Remember the Children
Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes; Expansions
Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5; The message-[”Uh huh huh huh”]
The Sugarhill Gang; Apache-[Percussion]
Nomad; Devotion

Music of the Mind
(1970’s Jazz Funk/Samba)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

The Stone City Band; Tin Soldier

[The Intro]
Pleasure; Living without you-[intro only]
Ethel Beatty; I know you care-[Intro only]
[The Atmospherics]
Pleasure; Theme for Moonchild
Ronnie Laws; stay still and let me love you
Idris Muhammed; Peace of mind

[The Build up]
Marvin Gaye; Come live with me–[The groove]
Bobbie Humphrey; Please set me at ease-[The strings]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Can’t we smile
Stevie Wonder/Michael Jackson; I Can’t help it

[The Groove]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Ghetto Samba & Cosmic Voyager
Patrice Rushen; Jubilation

[The Ending]
Pleasure; Straight ahead @ 02.13 onwards
John Coltrane; Lazybird-[Ending only]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Los conquistadores chocolates-[Ending only]
Stevie Wonder; Contusion-[Ending only]
Pleasure; Selim
Mandrill; Holiday
George Benson; No sooner said than done

Emergency on Planet Earth
(Late 1970’s early 1980’s Disco/post disco era FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Rollin’; Kool And The Gang

[The Intro]
Curtis Mayfield; Right on for the darkness [The violins at the end are the intro to one version of eope and appear throughout the track]

Pleasure; I'm mad & Ghettos of the mind-[The lead guitar at the intro]
The Isley Brothers; Tell me when you need it again-[Intro only] Looped throughout the track.
Roy Ayres; fire weaver–[The violin @ “Emergency on planet earth..”]
James Mason; Good things [Intro synth rift] @“Now we got Emergency..”

[The sudden unexpected jump in tone @ “wohohooo!” ]
(Leroy Burgess) Dazzle; You Dazzle Me!
Tom Browne; Come for a ride-[intro only]
Stevie Wonder; for once in my life [The Chorus and the ending @ “someone who needs me”]

[The Groove]

[Kool And The Gang]
Rollin’-[Bassline & groove]
Be my lady-[Intro and groove]
Celebrate-[The Rhythm guitar]
Get down on it-[Elements of the groove]

[The bass plucks towards the end]
The Brothers Johnson; Celebrations
The Brothers Johnson; Do it for Love

[The congas towards the end]
The Brothers Johnson; Stomp

[Synth towards the end]
Rick James/Val Young; Seduction

[More Synth]
Rick James; Glow
Mary Jane Girls; Candyman & In my house
(Rick James) Teena Marie; Lovergirl
Merc and Monk; Babyface.

The Late 70's early 1980's (The last days of Disco era FUNK)
From 1983 onwards Electro takes over.

Donald Byrd; Love has come around
George Duke; Brazilian Love Affair
Kool and the Gang; Ladies Night, Take it to the top & If you feel like dancing
The Brothers Johnson; Dancing Free & The Real thing
Dynasty; Groove Control
Shalamar; Make that move
Skyy; Here’s to you
The Isley Brothers; Go all the way
Aurra; Send your Love
Stevie Wonder; Do I do
Mtume; Give it on up
Mc Fadden and Whitehead; Ain't no stopping us now

[Earth Wind and Fire]
And Love goes on
Let your feelings show
Lady Sun
Got to get you into my life

Whatever it is I just can’t stop
(Late 1960's, early to mid 1970’s Funk/Cosmic FUNK mid 70's)

Jay Kay

The Meters; Just Kissed my baby & People Say
Mandrill; Fencewalk [“It's not what you think it's what you feel”]
Pleasure; Music is my life
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Don’t let the system get you

[The Breakdown]
Funkadelic; Red hot Mama-[Guitar breakdown & James Brown style scream]
Parliament; Get up for the downstroke
Cameo; Your love takes me out [“I don’t need no doctor”---“can’t get medical attention till….”]
A Tribe called quest; “Can I kick it? [”Can I pick it up”]
The sound of James Brown The Godfather of Soul

James Brown; I can’t stand it, Mother Popcorn, Make it Funky, Cold sweat, Deep in it.
Parliament; Breakdown
Herbie Hancock; Palm Grease
Patrice Rushen; Kicking Back
Earth Wind and fire; Build your nest
Leroy Hutson; Blackberry Jam
The Outlaw Gang; Fats Funky Bump
The Meters; Cissy Strut

The return of the Godfather.

Full Force featuring James Brown; I'm Real (1987)
"Check out Brother Brown, I invented Soul!”

Blow Your Mind
(1970’s Jazz Soul/Two step)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Roy Ayers and Wayne Henderson; No deposit no return [Horns]
Roy Ayres; Love will bring us back together & If you love me
The Blackbyrds; life styles [The Horns & Keyboards]
Pleasure; Dust yourself off [Elements of the groove and horns]
Aurra; You and me tonight [Elements of the groove]
Pleasure; Can’t turn you loose [Horns]
George Benson; Shiver [“Do do do doo”]
Side Effect; Private World
Stevie Wonder; Black Man

Revolution 1993
(1970’s Jazz Funk/Gospel)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Ronnie Laws; Momma (1975)
Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes; Expansions
Graham Central Station; Entrow, Release yourself & Hey Mr Writer
Isaac Hayes; Shaft [Violins]
[Brit Funk ]-Atmosfear; Interplay [Drums]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Wild horses-[Drums]
Rose Royce; Do your dance-[Elements of the violin]
Curtis Mayfield; Beautiful Brother of mine [Elements of the violin]
Faze-O; True love

[The Ending]
MAZE; We are one
Boney M; Sunny
One Way; Lets go out tonight-[Intro only]
The warriors; Destination-[The flute]

*Not too sure about the flute. It Could be Hubert Laws or Bobbie Humphrey.

Didgin’ Out
(Early 1970’s Experimental Jazz FUNK)

Jay Kay & Wallace Buchanan

Roy Ayres; Rhythms Of Your Mind-[The Drums & the start of the bassline]-Sample appears around 2.00
Herbie Hancock /Head Hunters; God make me Funky & Rima (“Bassline and the didji” sound)
[Brit Funk]- Olympic Runners; Paco Paco Wa Wa
Miles Davis; Ife
Patrice Rushen; Razzia
Stevie Wonder; Have a talk with God
Herbie Hancock; [Survival of the fittest & Sextant Albums]


Just Another Story
(1970’s Jazz FUNK/”Mothership” Cosmic FUNK)

Jay Kay

Heatwave; Gangsters of the groove-[Intro only]
The Brothers Johnson; Tomorrow
Roy Ayres; Everybody loves the sunshine
James Mason; Good Things
Pleasure; Jammin’ with Pleasure

[Bernie Worrel’s original 70's Cosmic FUNK Synth]

Parliament Funkadelic;
Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples [Intro]
Sir Nose D’voidoffunk
Rose Royce; Yoyo-[The drums]
Rose Royce; Daddy rich
The Commodores; Cebu-[The drums]
Sly and the Family Stone; In Time
The Blackbyrds; Supernatural feeling
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5; The message-[”Stick up kid & Nobody move”]
Bernard Wright; Spinning-[Elements of the horns]
Earth Wind and Fire; In Time
Roy Ayres; Virgo
[The ending]
Jack Mc Duff; Electric surfboard (Get the right version. Rift appears towards the end @ 04.14)
Jeff Lorber; Tune 88

[70's Cosmic Synth]
James Mason; I want your love
Roy Ayres/Ramp; Daylight
Graham Central Station; Tis’your kind of music
Brides of Funkenstein; Disco to go
Sly Stone; Babies makin babies

[The 1970's “Greasy synth” sound]
Ohio players; Funky worm
Leroy Hutson; Getting it on
Jimmy Smith; Give up the booty
Cameo; Keep it hot

Stillness in time
(1970’s/1980’s Jazz FUNK/Latin)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Stevie Wonder; Another star & Bird of beauty
[Brit Funk cover]-Chris Paul and David Joseph; Expansion’s 1986
Earth Wind and Fire; Running & Brazilian Rhyme
Cameo; Sound table
[Brit Funk]-Phil Fearon and Galaxy; What do I do (Carnival mix) & Everybody’s laughing
Roy Ayers; Virgo
Donald Byrd; Loves so far away-[Flute]
[Brit Funk]-Delegation; Singing
Graham Central Station; Release yourself-[“Stop and take a look at what you’re hanging around”]

Other suggestions;
T.H.S (The horn section); Lady shine
The Limit; She's so divine & Say Yeah
Michael Jackson; Don't stop till you get enough, & Wanna be starting something
George Duke; Yeah, we goin'
BeBe and CC Winans; Heaven [Elements of the vocals]
Kool and the gang; Open sesame
Slave; Steal your heart away

Half the Man
(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Patrice Rushen;
Giving it up is giving in,
Remind Me & She will take you down to love
Sly and the Family Stone; Can't strain my brain
[The Ending]
Earth Wind and Fire; Dreams

Light Years
(1970’s & 1980’s FUNK Incorporating the sound of Queens NY )

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

[The sound of Queens]
Tom Browne; Funkin’ for Jamaica & Thighs high-(Grip your hips and move)
Bernard Wright; Haboglobatribbin & The Master Rocker
Don Blackman; Yabba Dabba Doo
Public Enemy; Night of the living baseheads-[Beep!-beep!-beep!]
Mass Production; Turn up the music [Intro only]
Earth wind and Fire Get away [Intro only]
Cameo; Soul Army
[Brit Funk]-Sly and Robbie; Boops, Here to go
Rick James/Temptations; Standing on the top-[Elements of the groove]
Grandmaster Flash; Freedom [The repeating basslick @ 02.00”They call me the kid creole”]
[The chorus]
Fatback; I like the girls
( The lyrics “Now I’ve got that sunshine in my life” are familiar from a Roy Ayres track)
[The Incessant chant]
The Gap Band; Oops upside your head -[& The breakdown at the end]
The Gap Band; Gash, Gash, Gash
Cameo; Rollerskates & On the one
(Cameo) LA Connection; Shake it up

Pleasure; Dust yourself down
Roy Ayres & Wayne Henderson; No deposit no return

[Similar Grooves of the era]
The Cameo Megamix (Two) 1987 (Featuring; Single Life, Attack me with your love, She's strange, Candy, Back and Forth and Word Up)

Raphael Cameron; Funtown USA & Lets get it on
Kleeer; Winners (Winners never quit quitters never win)
Slave; Chillin’
Vaughan Mason Crew; Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
Kool and the Gang; Hanging out
Mass Prodcution; Turn up the music
Brass Construction; Get up to get down
George Duke; Mothership Connection
Kleeer; Intimate connection
The Whispers; Special FX
Bernard Wright; Just Chillin' Out (Don't ignore....)

Manifest Destiny
(1970’s Jazz, Funk & Soul)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

The Commodores; Fire girl-[Bassline]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; California lovers & Gamblers life
Pleasure; What is slick-[The intro is looped]
Pleasure; Plastic People-[Elements of the groove]
Ronnie Laws; Nuthin’ Bout nuthin’

The kids

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Jimmy Castor; It’s just begun,
[The Bridge]
Faze-o; Lets rock, Prince; Batdance
Sly and the Family Stone; Underdog
Earth Wind and Fire; Back on the road-[Intro only]

Mr Moon
(Early 1980’s post Disco era FUNK )

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Stuart Zender

[Brit Funk]
Shakatak; Invitations,Taking off and Dark is the night
Incognito; North London boy
(Incognito) The Warriors; Destination
Freeeze; Southern Freeeze
Loose Ends; Lets Rock
Captain Sky; Moon child
The Brothers Johnson; I came here to party
Bernard Wright; Move your body
Quincy Jones feat. Patti Austin; Betcha wouldn't hurt me
Aurra; Just a little Love, Coming To Get You & Are you Single
Patrice Rushen; Get Off (you fascinate me)
Witney Houston Love will save the day
Visual; Somehow Someway
Earth Wind and Fire; All about love-[The “Ahhh’s” in the background ]
[ Shakatak; Night Birds album]

The old “Brit Funk Bass slap” 70's/80's (Our specialty back in the day)
“No CHIC no disco, No bass no Brit Funk”

[Brit Funk]

Second Image; Fly away
Light of the World; Soho & Time
Olympic Runners; Interference Free
I Level; Give Me (formerly of Light of the World)
Atmosfear; Xtra special & Interplay
Billy Ocean; Calypso Funk
The Inversions; Loco Moto & Mr Mack
Morrisey Mullen; Come and get me
Freeeze; Flying High & Hot Footing it
Loose Ends; Tomorrow
Intrigue; I Like It
The UK Players; Rivers
Delegation; Dance Like Fred Astaire
Incognito; sunburn
The Breakfast Band; LA 14
Kandidate; What Are You Gonna Do & Girls Girls Girls
Linx; Rise and Shine, Plaything & Throw away the key
Level 42; Sandstorm & The chant has just began
The Warriors; Drive
Spectrum; Takin' it to the top
Direct Drive; Don't depend on me
Shakatak with Al Jarreau; Day By Day

(1970's/1980's FUNK/Latin)

Jay Kay & Stuart Zender

Al Hudson and The Soul Partners; Spread love
[Brit Funk]-Atmosfear; Dancing in outer space-[The groove & horns]
T-Connection; Saturday night-[Elements of the bassline]
Kool and the Gang; Morning Star-[The horns]
Marvin Gaye; After the dance- [Instrumental ver]
[The Switch in the groove]
George Duke; Look what you find
Earth Wind and Fire; Win or loose
Mezzoforte; Garden Party
Rose Royce; Do your dance-[Elements of the strings]
Lamont Dozier; Help Is On The Way
(Pop music) The Buggles; Video killed the radio Star [Vocal style]
Cameo; Pretty Girls
[Brit Funk]-Loose Ends; Mr Batchelor-[Elements of the vocal style]

Journey to Arnhemland
(Early 1970’s Experimental Jazz FUNK)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Wallace Buchanan

Marvin Gaye; After the dance [Instrumental]
Sir Paul McCartney; Wonderful Christmas time

[The Groove]
[Brit Funk]–Sahara; Love so fine
[Brit Funk]-52nd ST; Tell me how it feels
[Brit Funk]–Olympic Runners; Paco paco wawa
Stevie Wonder; Have a talk with God
Patrice Rushen; Razzia
Herbie Hancock; Hornets
[Keyboard running through the groove]
Al Hudson and The Soul Partners; Spread Love–[Intro only]
Herbie Hancock; Twilight clone
Tom Browne; Bygones
The Mac Band; Roses are red
Brass Construction; Can you see the Light
One Way; Pop what you got, You can do it & MR Groove

Morning Glory
(1970’s/1980’s Soul/Latin)

Jay Kay & Stuart Zender

Stevie Wonder; Visions & If it's magic
[Brit Funk]-Loose Ends; Choose me rescue me
Patrice Rushen; Wishful thinking
[Brit Funk] Phil Fearon and Galaxy (carnival mix); What do I do

Space Cowboy
(1970’s FUNK/Cosmic FUNK/Two step)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Arnies Love; I figure I’m out of your life now girl
[The Chorus]
Funkadelic; No head no backstage pass
Bootsy Collins; Bootzilla & In Funk we trust
Pleasure; Celebrate the good things
The Reddings; In my pants
The Brothers Johnson; Mista' cool, Thunderthumbs and Lightning licks
& Get the Funk out ma face
Stargard; What you waiting for

[Album Version Chorus]
Sly and the Family Stone; In Time

Pleasure; Glide
Kool and the Gang; Summer madness-[Used in space cowboy remixes]

[The two step groove]
Rene and Angela; Secret Rendezvous
Roy Ayres; Searching
Fat Larrys Band; Act Like You Know
Gwen McRae; Funky sensation
[Brit Funk] Loose Ends; Gonna make you mine
Rudy Love And The Love Family; Disco Queen [The instrumental version]
George Benson; Smoking the “Cheeba Cheeba”
Graham Central Station; Can You Handle It
The Isley Brothers; Coolin' me out
Billy Griffin; Hold me tighter in the rain

[Bass Slap Recommendations]
Nights of “Thunder Funk” gods of 1970's/1980's Bass Slap.

Michael Jackson; Get on the floor (Louis “Thunder thumbs” Johnson)
One Way; I Didn't mean to break your heart
Patrice Rushen; Roll with the Punches
(Rick James) The Mary Jane Girls; Boy’s & prove it
(Roy Ayres) 80's Ladies; Tell him
Skyy; I can't get enough

Aaron Mills (Cameo)
Be yourself
Throw it down
I just want to be
Knights by nights
Soul tightened
She´s mine
Your love takes me out
Soul Army
Shake your pants
Let me groove with you

*Funk band Mantra were also part of Larry Blackmon/Cameo Sound.
Mantra; Doin it (To the Bone)

Louis “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson (The Brothers Johnson)
You keep me coming back
Echoes of an era
Do it for love
The Great Awakening
Party Avenue

*Slave members Drac, Steve Washington and Steve Arrington are all legends of 70's and 80's Bass slap.

Gwen Guthrie; Seventh Heaven
Earl Klugh; Twinkle
The Gap Band; Who do you call
Slave; i'll be gone, In n out & OOOHH
Marcus Miller; Lovin' You
Don Blackmon; Let your conscience be your guide
Ozone; Gigollete, Ride & We bad
Lakeside; Relationship & Fantastic Voyage (To the land of FUNK)
Larry Graham; Now do u wanta dance
Sekou Bunch; Pretty Baby
KLIQUE; Dance like crazy
Harvey Mason; Groovin' You
The Reddings; The Awakening (Sons of Otis Redding)
Aurra; Make up your mind, Are you single
The Dazz Band; Joystick
Collage; Young Girls
Master Jam; Dancin all night
Dayton; One day or another
Con Funk Shun; Touch
Lotti G; What it's worth
LTD; Together Forever
Pure Energy; Too Hot
Lillo Thomas; Sexy Girl
T.H.S The Horn Section; Anxiety
Vernon Burch - Do it to me
Aurra; Undercover Lover
South_Bronx; The bottom line
Jermaine Jackson (Formerly of the Jackson5); Bass Odyssey
Kleeer; Tonight
Steve Arrington ( Formerly of Slave); Tell me what do you want & Mello as a cello
Pleasure; Sending my love & No matter what
Komiko; Feel Alright
Debarge; You wear it Well
Mtume; Prime Time
Johnny Gill; I love making music
Marz; Move It, Groove It.
Tyrone Brunson Space Boy
Donald Byrd ; Thank you for funking up my life
T-Connection; Time is short
Stone; Girl I like the way you move
Prince; Alphabet Street & Pop Life
Jeff Lorber; Tune 88
Louis Johnson /Stanley Clarke; Play the Bass
Bernard Wright; Spinning
Sly Stone; Thank You For Lettinme Be Mice Elf Again
Leroy Hutson; Butterfat (1976)
The Commodores; Mary Mary (1975)
[The "Two Step" Groove]

The slower mid tempo groove known in the 70's as Jazz Soul.
It makes a big return 10 years later in the early to mid 80's.

Rose Royce; Magic Touch
[Brit Funk] Light of the World; London Town
Keni Burke; Rising to the top
Lillo Thomas; Trust me
Midnight Star; I'm Curious
Roy Ayres; Programmed for love
[Brit Funk] Five Star; Can't wait
One Way; Don't think about it
(Rick James) Mary Jane girls; All night long
[Brit Funk] The Cool Notes; Into the motion
Dennis Edwards; Don't look any further
The S.O.S Band ; No ones gonna Love you
Juicy Sugar; Free
[Brit Funk] Hi Tension; You make me happy
The Controllers; Stay
[Brit Funk] Princess; Say i'm your number one [Extended version]
Mtume; Juicy Fruit
[Brit Funk]-The Cool Notes; Into the motion
Starvue; Body Fusion
Patrice Rushen; To each his own
BB&Q; Genie
Stephanie Mills; You're putting a rush on me
[Brit Funk] Loose Ends; Hanging on a string
[Brit Funk] Soul to Soul; Back to life & Fairplay

We Getting Down (Live)
(1970's SOUL)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Weldon Irvine; We getting down


Virtual Insanity
(1970’s/1980’s FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Stevie Wonder/Djavan Luz; Samurai
Don Blackman; Hearts desire & Never miss a thing
Zinc; Punkulation
Marvin Gaye; Come live with me Angel
Roy Ayres; ooh
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Can’t we smile
Joanna Gardner; Pick up the pieces start all over again
(Stevie Wonder) Michael Jackson; I can’t help it

[The Post disco era piano sound]

The Gap Band; Outstanding
George Benson; Turn your love around
Kano; Can’t hold back your lovin’
[Brit-Funk] Imagination; Burning up
Change; You are my number one
Earth Wind and Fire; Something special
Fonda Rae; Over like a fat rat
Odyssey; Going back to my Roots
Bernard Wright; Bread Sandwiches
Cela (Formerly of CHIC); I'm in Love
Harvey Mason: Till you take my Love
Peaches and Herb; Funtime
[Brit-Funk]-Freeeze; Rollerchase & Mariposa
Convertion; Let's do it
[Brit-Funk]-Shakatak; Night Birds

Earth Wind and Fire; Got to get you into my life-[Intro only]

Cosmic Girl
(1970’s Disco era FUNK/Latin)

Jay Kay & Derrick Mc Kenzie

[The Groove]
Deodato; Super strut
Hyldon; Vem Dançar o Samba
Sister Sledge; The greatest dancer & My Forbidden lover
Pleasure; Nothing to it-[Elements of the intro synth]

[The Chorus]

Oby Onyioha; Enjoy your life
[Brit Funk]-Phil Fearon and Galaxy; Head over heels [Ahhh Ahh Ahhh!] & Dancing tight
Slave; Just a touch of love-[Elements of the groove]
Jenny Burton; Bad habit-[Shab be do waaa, Sha be do waaaa!]
Fat Larry’s Band; Sparkle-[Lyrics-“There came this girl from outer space”]

[The Latin Sound]
Gibson Brothers; Cuba
Gilbeto Gill; Palco
Fatback; Spanish Hustle
[Other Recommendations]
[Brit Funk] Jaki Graham; Round and around & Breaking Away
Ray Parker Junior (formerly of Raydio); Party Now
Roy Ayres: Can't you see me
The Gap Band; Baby Baba Boogie
Slave; Stepping out
Carrie Lucas; Dance with you
CHIC; Everybody dance
Dynasty; Groove Control
Michael Jackson; Off the wall
Lillo Thomas; Trust me
Skyy; Here’s to you
[Brit-Funk]-Delegation; Darlin' & You and I
Kwick; Nightlife
Randy Hall (Formerly of Pleasure); I've been watching
Fatback; She’s a go getter & Be my Love

Use the Force
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Derrick Mc Kenzie & Sola Akinbola

[The Groove]
Johnnie Taylor; Shoot for the stars
Cameo; Back and Forth (Album version)
(Leroy Burgess) Dazzle; Reaching [“We are the Sons of the sun of the morning sky”]

[Elements of the horn section]
Stevie Wonder; You got it bad girl
The Reddings; Main nerve
Al Hudson and The Soul Partners; Spread Love
James Brown/Lyn Collins; Think about it-[Elements of the groove ]

[The Chorus]
Idris Muhammad; Turn this Mother out-[The groove and the guitar at the ending]
Stevie Wonder; A seeds a star-[“Use the force”]
[Brit Funk]-Delegation; Singing
Sugar Hill Gang; Rappers Delight-[intro only]
Trouble Funk; Pump me up
Forrest; Rock the boat

(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Stuart Zender

Teddy Pendergrass; Love Tko,
Foxy; Madamoiselle-[ Lyrics; “I wanna get to know you”]
Leon Ware; California
Milton Wright; Keep it up

Kool and the Gang; Steppin out [Lyrics; “We're gonna paint the town”]

(1970’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Candido; Thousand finger man
Idris Mohammed; Can Heaven ever be like this
Donna Summer; Autumn changes
Aurra; Thinking of you-[Keyboards]
Slave; Coming soon-[Keyboards]
Herb Alpert; Magic Man-[Underlying groove]
Eddie Harris; It’s all right now-[Lyrics; “It’s alright now”]
[The classic disco era bassline]
Graham Central Station/Larry Graham; Save me
Paradise Express; Dance
Lipps inc; Funky Town
Carrie Lucas; Dance with you
The Manhattan Transfer; Twilight Zone

High Times
(1970’s/1980’s Synth FUNK)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender & Derrick Mc Kenzie

The Dazz Band; Keep it live
Pleasure; Universal mind & Lets dance

[The Rising Piano]
The Commodores; Free
[Brit Funk] Beggar and co; Rising Sun

Mandrill; Can you get it Suzie
Breakwater; Splashdown time
Johnny Gill; Half Stepping
Patrice Rushen; Haw right now

[The Chorus @ "Last night..."]
Ester Williams; Last night changed it all-["Sample"; “last night”]
George Duke; Scuse me missus
Mouzon's Electric Band; I still love you baby
BT Express; Star child-[Elements of the synth]

The SOS Band; Borrowed love
[Brit Funk]-Loose Ends; Mr Batchelor
Herbie Hancock; Swamp Rat & Sly-[Elements of the second half]
The Blackbyrds; Be thankful bout yourself
Stevie Wonder; Every time I see you I go wild (1967)

Travelling Without Moving
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay

The Gap Band; Burning rubber-[Car screech intro only]
Larry Graham; Pow (I gotcha!) -[Bassline]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Breakout -[Bassline]

[The Chorus]
Gwen McCrae; All my love & 90% of me is you
(Originally by Vanessa Kendrick)
Aurra; Like I like it (Remix version)
Leroy Burgess/Dazzle; Reaching-[groove,percussion and lyrics]
Patrice Rushen; Play, Keepin' faith in Love , Call on me & Changes (In Your Life)
(Roy Ayres) The Eighties Ladies; I knew that love
Pleasure; Only you

[The Leroy Burgess sound]
Logg; You got that something
Dazzle; Slipped Disco
Convertion; Sweet Thing
Leroy Hutson; Classy Lady
Splendor; Special Lady
Class Action; Weekend
Inner Life; Moment of my life

Drifting Along
(Reggae Music)

Jay Kay, Simon Katz & Derrick McKenzie

Unknown. The Style is probably 1970’s Bob Marley but the delivery is reminiscent of commercialized 1980’s UK reggae from acts like Sting & The Police or UB40.

Didjerama/Digital Vibrations
(1970’s Soul/1970’s Experimental Jazz FUNK)

Jay Kay & Derrick Mc Kenzie

Herbie Hancock; Watermelon man & Stars in your eyes
Jimmy Smith; Give up the booty [“Didgi” sound]
Donald Byrd; Makin it [Intro only]
Curtis Mayfield; Keep on keeping on
Barry Whites Love Unlimited Orchestra; Midnight groove
Donald Byrd Featuring Isaac Hayes; Feel like loving you today
Rolf Harris; Sun Arise
[Brit Funk]-Billy Ocean; Are you ready

You are my Love
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay

Quincy Jones; I never had it so good
Marvin Gaye; Praise
Jeff Lorber; Always there-[Originally by Ronnie Laws]
Narada Michael Walden; Divine Emotion-[Bassline (remix version)]
Pleasure; Plastic People, No matter what, What is Slick-[Elements of the groove]
leon Haywood; Don’t force it don’t push it-[Underlying elements in the chorus]
Lonnie Liston Smith; Shadow-[Underlying elements in the chorus]
Lafayette Afro Rock Band; What You Need

Spend a lifetime
(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Stuart Zender

Funkadelic I’ll Stay, Stevie Wonder; Joy inside my tears, Quincy Jones; Secret garden

(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Stuart Zender

Vernon Burch; Stepping out & changes
Idris Muhammed; Fox Hunting
The Ojay’s; For the love of Money
Cameo; Still Feels Good.
[Brit Funk]-Atmosfear; Dancing in outer space-[The horns]
Gwen McCrae; It’s got to be real-[Intro is looped throughout the track]
Michael Jackson; Working day and night (Intro only-Percussion)
The Gap Band; Disrespect-[Percussion]
[The laugh at the intro]
Michael Jackson; off the wall- [intro only]
Tom Browne; Thighs high (Grip your hips and move)-[intro only]
[The old “9 man” Cameo sound]
Post Mortem
Keep it Hot
C on the Funk
Rigor Mortis
The Blackbyrds; Gut Level
LTD; We party hearty
Skyy; Lets turn it out
Instant Funk; Got my mind made up
The Gap Band; Disrespect
Lakeside; Strung out
The Commodores; Sanctified & Slippery when Wet

[Kool and the Gang; Jungle Boogie Album 1975]
[Cameo; Rigor Mortis Album]
[BT Express; Funktion at the Junction Album]

Slipping and Sliding
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay & Wallace Buchanan

[The Intro]
Bob James; Westchester lady
Hubert Laws; Undecided

[The Groove]
Stevie Wonder; I Wish
Earth Wind and Fire; Speed of love & Something special
The Gap Band; Shake & Party Lights
Geraldine Hunt; It doesn’t only happen at night
Khemistry; I got a feeling
Chocolate Milk; Girl calling
Roy Ayres; Got to find a Lover [The horns]
Johnny Guitar Watson; Booty Oooty, Your love is my love & Telephone Bill
Cameo; Enjoy your life “ Directed to those who are not..”
T-Connection; Everything is cool
[Brit Funk]-Delegation; Sho' nuff sold on you
T.S Monk; Bon Bon Vie (Gimme the good life)
MAZE; Laid back girl
Ozone; Walk on
Leon Haywood; Don't force it don't push it & I want to do something freaky to you
Kool and the Gang; Mighty Mighty High
Fantasy; You’re too late

(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay & Wallace Buchanan

James Brown/Marva Witney; It's my thing-[The horns in the intro]
Herbie and the Headhunters; If you’ve got it you’ll get it
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Can’t we smile
The Brothers Johnson; Tokyo-[The Horns]
Marvin Gaye; Inner city blues
Cameo (feat Miles Davis); In the Night
Roy Ayres; Coffee is the colour
Joanna Gardner; Pick up the pieces
Roy Ayres; You and me my love-[Intro only]

*Not too sure about the Intro. I know the exact same intro (Without the horns) but can’t I recall it. It's possibly Kool and the Gang, Roy Ayres or Pleasure. Most likely James Brown.
Do you know where you’re coming from
(UK Jungle/D&B)

M-Beat, Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Our Time is coming
(1970’s FUNK)

Earth Wind and Fire; Africano
Earth Wind and Fire; Magic Mind
Roy Ayres; Get on up get on down


Canned Heat
(Late 1970’s early 1980’s Disco/ Post Disco era FUNK)

Jay Kay

Shine on (Live)
George Duke featuring Louis “Thunder thumbs” Johnson
(Shibuya Public Hall Tokyo 1983)

Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Ghetto Samba-[Intro only]
Ethel Beatty; I know you care-[Intro only]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Contact Funk-[The unpredictable intro]
CHIC; Open up
[Brit Funk]-Imagination; Flashback & Just an illusion-[lead guitar]
George Duke; Funkin’ for the thrill (I'm for real)

George Duke; Reach for It
Earth Wind and Fire & The Emotions; Boogie Wonderland
[Brit Funk]-Hot Chocolate; Mindless Boogie
B.T. Express; Give up the funk (Let's dance)
Kool and the Gang; Love Festival

[The Groove]
Positive Force; We got the Funk
LTD; Holding on (When love is gone)
[Brit Funk]-Delegation; Heartache No 9 ( Remix version 1981)
The Brothers Johnson; The Real Thing
Earth Wind and fire; Rock it
Rose Royce; Car wash [Guitar Plucks]
CHIC; You can get by-[Strings @ “..baby that's nothing new”]
Kool and the Gang; Big fun [Underlying keyboard's]
Patrice Rushen; Haven’t you heard
Patrice Rushen; Look up [The raise in tone @ “You Know this boogie...”]

[@ Hey dj let the music play]
Con-Funk-Shun; Sun Touch
T-Connection; Saturday night (Long version)-[Bassline towards the end]
The Dazz Band; Let the music play [Lyrics“Hey dj let the music play”]
Gayle Adams; Love Fever- [The rhythm guitar]

George Duke; Brazilian love affair [Elements of the groove @ “live this party life”]
Kano; I’m ready-[Elements of the bassline @ “live this party life”]
The Whispers; And the beat goes on [Elements of the groove @ 2.39.. “The beat goes on..”]

[The Ending]
[The raise in tone of the violins]
Barry White: Loves Theme [Intro only]
CHIC; M.M.F.T.C.F. [Ending only]-(Some versions do not have the strings at the end)
[Other suggestions]

The Commodores; Lady you bring me up when I'm down
Starpoint: Starlight your night

(The CHIC! Organisation.Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards)
Diana Ross; Upside Down, Give up your love & Tenderness
Sister Sledge; How To Love & You fooled around
Carly Simon; Why
(Narada Michael Walden)
Stacy Lattisaw: Jump to the beat
Sister Sledge; All American girls
Narada Michael Walden; Tonite Im alright
Deodato; Whistle Bump
(Randy Muller) Rapheal Cameron; All that's good to me
Atlantis; Keep on movin' and groovin
The Invisible Mans Band; All night thing
George Duke; Funkin’ for the thrill, (I am for real) lyrics “You know this boogie is for real”
Deodato; Night Cruiser (The 70's London Soulhead Anthem at the Goldmine Club)

Planet Home
(Late 1970’s early 1980’s Synth FUNK)
[Incorporating “Punk Funk”, The sound of “Slick” Rick James]

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

The Barkays; Night Cruising
Rick James / The Stone City Band; Freaky
Rick James; Give it to me baby- [Elements of the underlying groove]
Rick James; Superfreak

[The “Punk Funk” Ring]
Rick James; Call me up & The Stone City Band; Telephone Love, Process and the Doorags; Telephone love

[The “Punk Funk” groove]
Rick James/ The Stone City Band; Ladies choice, Love hassles & Dance so fine
Rick James; Big Time (12”version) Hard to Get & Money Talks

Earth Wind and Fire: Saturday Night-[Singing style]

[Bernie Worrel’s Cosmic FUNK Synth]
Parliament Funkadelic (Not Just) knee deep & One Nation under a Groove (12”Version)

[The Latin bridge]
Pleasure; 2 for1
Earth Wind and Fire; Faces
Earth Wind and Fire; Shining Star
“Shining star for you to see” becomes “Planet home is blue and green”[The Bridge]
@ “Blue and Greeeen e e e e e e”....
Shalamar; In the socket-[Bassline and the tinkering drum clatter]
Shalamar; Night to remember-[Bassline]
@ “I wanna go there”...
[Brit-Funk] Dan I; Monkey chop
CHIC/Sister Sledge; Lost in music-[Underlying guitar style towards end]
The Strikers; Body Music

[The sound of I AM]

George Duke; Yeah we going

[Earth Wind and Fire]

Sunshine-[Ending only]
Can't hide Love-[Ending only]
Take to the sky-[Ending only]
Imagination- [Endings only]
All about Love
Kool and the Gang; Whisper Softly

[Other Planet Home recommendations]

[Moog Synth]
The Gap Band;
You dropped a Bomb on me, & Party Train
Early in the Morning
Cameo; Please You

Nods and Salutes to Rick James(Punk Funk)

Evelyn Champagne King; I can't stand it
Cameo; Soul Army- (“Party over here, party over there”)-[ref Big Time]
The Barkays: Freaky Behaviour
Grandmaster Flash and the furious 5; Its Nasty (Slick Rick, Slick Rick!.. Yooo!)-[ref Give it to me baby]
LA Voyage; All night affair
Nu Shooze; I can't wait
Steve Drayton; Stop playing with my love
Barry White; Sweetness is my weakness
Earth Wind and Fire; Magic Mind
Mandrill; Universal Rhythms-[The Ending]

Black Capricorn Day
(Late 1960's early to mid 1970's FUNK )

Jay Kay

Earth Wind and Fire; But so uncool-[Hey hey hey!]
Donald “Black” Byrd and the Blackbyrds; Do it fluid, Funky junky & Slop Jar Blues
Roy Ayres; Henceforth, A wee bit & King George
Herbie Hancock; Spider
Weldon Irvine; Walk that walk, talk that talk
Chocolate Milk; My mind is hazy
Kool and the Gang; Funky stuff, Hollywood swinging & N.T (1 & 2)
Cameo; Funk Funk
Roy Porter sound machine; Party Time
Steve Gadds; Funk Groove

Destitute Illusions
(1970’s/1980’s Jazz FUNK)

Jay Kay, Toby Smith & Derrick McKenzie

MAZE; Twilight
Johnny Harris; Odyssey
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Roy Ayers; Hey uh what you say come on & He’s a superstar
Stevie Wonder; Higher ground, Booker T and the Mgs; Green onions
Soul Education
(Late 1970’s & early 1980’s Jazz Funk)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Isaac Hayes; Shaft [Bassline and violins]
The Commodores: Keep on dancing [Intro Only]
BT Express; Stretch [Intro only]
Alicia Myers;I wanna thank you (Formerly One Way)[Intro only]
[The groove]
Pleasure; No matter what
The Commodores; Flying High & Fire Girl
(Stevie Wonder) Jermaine Jackson; Burning Hot
[The Chorus @ You know i got my..]
Silver Convention; Get up and boogie
The Commodores; Machine Gun & Rapid Fire-[The Clavinet (keyboard) sound]
The Commodores; Superman; Underlying bassline in the chorus
Faze-O; Toe Jam
Stevie Wonder; Keep on running
Billy Preston; Outa’ Space
Herbie Hancock; Hang up your hang ups
[The Ending]
Ned Doheny; To prove my Love
Silver Convention; Fly Robin Fly (Up Up to the sky!)
Aurra’s; Are you single
The Brothers Johnson; Caught up
Mizellstory (N R Time)
Silver Convention; No no Joe & You son of a gun
The 5th Dimension; Up, up and away
Gustav Holst, The Planet suite; Saturn, The bringer of old age.
[More Clavinet]
Ohio Players; Streak Cheek to cheek
The Isley Brothers; The Pride
Ronnie Laws; Nuthin'bout nuthin'
Sly Stone; Poet

*There is a live version of Soul Education that features a rock style intro different from the Shaft Bassline by Isaac Hayes. I recognise it from the 70's. I think it's by Ronnie Laws or Lonnie Liston Smith.
Not certain.

[Whats Jazz Funk?]
The Whispers; Imagination
Earth Wind and Fire; Lady Sun
Tom Browne; Come for a ride & Thighs high grip your hips and move
[Brit Funk]-Cache; Jazzin and cruising
[Brit Funk]-Light Of The world; Soho
The Brothers Johnson; Streetwave

The Dazz band; Shake what you got- [One of the last true jazz-funk tracks I remember
note the bass synth and the electrified sound]
(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Stevie Wonder/Jermaine Jackson
We can put it back together & Where are you now
Pleasure; Joyous
The Impressions; Fan the fire
Jermaine Jackson; You've got to hurry
Con Funk Shun; Chase me
King for a day
(1970’s SOUL/Classical church organ)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Stevie Wonder; Village ghetto land, Ecclesiastes & Pastime Paradise
Larry and Sly (Graham Central Station); Today
Jimmy Cliff; Many rivers to cross
Chaka Khan; I’m every Woman-[Woh, woh woh!]

*I remember the melody of “King for a daaay" from another 1970’s Track (Around 76 to 79 I think). I thought it was Quincy and the Brothers Johnson when they first got together. It might be on one of Chaka Khan's albums, it sounded a bit like her. It might be Slave or The Blackbyrds. I'm not sure.

Deeper Underground
(1970’s FUNK and early 1980’s Electrophonic Phunk aka Electrified FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

[The Intro]
Kathy Mathis; Late night hour-[Intro only]
Stevie Wonder; A seeds a star

[The Groove]
Johnny Guitar Watson; Funk beyond the call of duty
The Jackson Five; I am Love (Part 2)
The Isley Brothers; Climbing up the ladder (Parts 1&2)
The Isley Brothers; Living' the life go for your guns (Parts 1&2)
Don Blackman; Deaf hook-up Connection [Dododo & the guitar solo]

[Drumbeat and Synth]
Prince; lady Cab Driver
[Brit Funk]–Black Britain; Ain’t no rocking in a police state
T-connection; Do what you wanna do
(Jam and Lewis) Cherelle; The Opening. You look good to me

[Elements of the synth]
One Way; Can I
The Osmonds; Crazy horses

(1970 and 1980’s Soul/Synth FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

[Brit Funk] The Rah Band; Clouds across the Moon
Roy Ayres; Everybody loves the sunshine
Sherrick; Just Call
(Dexter Wansel) The Jones Girls; Nights over Egypt
Don Blackman; Holding you, Loving you

[Patrice Rushen]
Didn't you know, High In Me, Shout it out & Settle for my Love
Ray Parker Junior; I don't think than man should sleep alone.
Roy Ayres; The Memory
Heatwave; Straight from the heart & Start letting it loose
Switch; Keeping Secrets
The Isley Brothers; Between the sheets
Donald Byrd; Think twice- [Elements of the groove]
Mtume/Tawatha; Thigh ride & C.O.D (I'll deliver)
Alexander O’neal & Cherelle; Saturday Love
Tribe called quest; Find my way
[Brit Funk]–Omar; This is not a love song & Winner
Roy Ayers; Liquid Love & Holiday
The Rapping Reverend; I ain't into that
[Brit Funk]-Beggar and Co; Rising Sun & Mule Chant no2
The SOS band; Two time lover, The Finest, Nothing but the best
Weekend Girl & No ones gonna love you.
Getting Funky
(Late 1970’s and early 1980’s Electro)

Jay Kay & Wallace Buchanan

George Clinton; Atomic Dog, Zapp; More bounce & Dance floor

Electro = [The Break-dancers stuff]

Afrika Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force; Planet Rock
The S.O.S Band; Body break
[Brit Funk]; Paul Hardcastle;19
[Brit Funk]; Freeeze; A.E.I.O.U
Newcleus; Jam on Revenge (The wiki song)
Tyrone Brunson; The Smurf
Cybertron; Pac Jam
Herbie Hancock; Rockit
P Funk all stars; Pumpin it up
Zapp; I can make you dance
Royal Cash; Radio Activity
Wolf in sheeps clothing!
(1980’s Synth FUNK)

Jay Kay

Rick James/Teena Marie; Fix It
Donald Byrd; Dominoes
Aurra; Such a feeling
Stanley Clarke; Spacerunner
Fantasy; You’re too late-[Elements of the synth]
BT Express; Starchild-[keyboard rift]
Starpoint: I just wanna dance with you
Level 42; The Chinese way

The synth sounds like a "sample" of the engine cranking on the intro to Burning Rubber by The Gap Band


Feels so good
(Early 1980’s Electrophonic Phunk aka Electrified FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Beverly Johnson; Can you feel it
Gwen Mc Crae; 90% of me is you
James Mason; Funny girl-[intro only]
Skyy; Arrival-[Windy sound at the intro/ Air hostess style vocalisations]
Bobbie Humphrey; Chicago damn-[Windy sound at the intro only]
The SOS Band; Dit dit dit Dash dash dash dash-[Windy sound at the intro only]
[The Groove]
High Fashion; You’re the winner
Greg Henderson; Dreaming
[Brit Funk] Nick Straker; Just Little bit of Jazz [The groove and the windy sound]
The Whispers; Tonite’
Rick James (feat Roy Ayres); Dance with me-[“hooooo hoooo” in the background]

SOS Band; There is no limit & Take your time do it right-[Intro only]
Kwick; Here I go again, (Another weekend)
Special Touch; This party Is just for you

Prince; Head
WAR; Galaxy-[Vocalisations]
Roy Ayres; Money-[Intro vocalisations only]
Brass Construction; Changin'

More Late 70’s and early 80’s Electrophonic Phunk (Electrified Funk)

Kano; I’m ready
[Brit Funk] Imagination; In a state of love
Stevie Wonder/Jermaine Jackson; Burning Hot
James Mason; Free
Roy Ayres; Chicago
Prince; Erotic City
(Luther Vandross) Change; Searching & The Glow of Love
[Brit Funk] Second Image; Don't you
Visual; The Music got me [Windy sound in the intro]
Finis Henderson; Skip to my lou
BB&Q; Imagination
Joe Jackson; Stepping out (Pop music)

Little L
(Late 1970’s & early 1980’s Electrified FUNK)

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

Evelyn Champagne King; Shame
Prince; I wanna be your Lover-[Original album version]
[The second half of the track sounds like the intro to Little L]

Parliament; Aqua Boogie Pychoalphadiscobetaquadoloop
[The guitar licks used on Little L appear around the 02.18 mark]

Patrice Rushen; Number one [Intro]
Patrice Rushen; Forget me nots [Handclaps]
[The groove]
A Taste Of Honey; Boogie Ooogie Ooogie–[Bassline]
Evelyn Champagne King; Shame-[Groove and keyboard]
The SOS Band; Dit dit dit, dash dash dash
Change: Heaven of my life-[lead guitar]
Dexter Wansel; You can be what you want to be-[The violins]
Rick James; Cold Blooded-[The electrified synth]

The Dazz Band; Let it all Blow-[Aspects of the synth]
(Rod Temperton) Heatwave; The groove line
[Brit Funk]-The Real Thing; Can you feel the force
Kool and the Gang; Night People

Donna Summer; Hot Stuff-Bad Girls Medley.[The Disco “Thud”/“kick Smack” Drum beat as the two tracks changeover]

*There is a “whoop whoop whoop” sound in the background at the start of Little L that I recognise from a synth Funk track from around 1981/1982. It was played by Greg at the Lyceum (The Stand) at the same time as we were jammin to the following tracks; Viki D; This beat is mine, NY Skyy; Lets Celebrate, Barkays; Night Cruising, Brandi Wells; Watch out, Gayle Adams; Love fever & Rick James Give it to me baby etc.

More Electrophonic Phunk (Electrified Funk)

Yarbrough and Peoples; Don’t stop the music
D-Train; You're the one for me, Music & Keep giving me love
The Whispers; In the Raw
Shock; Let's getcracking (We bring you Electro-phonic Phunk!)
One Way; Push
Herbie Hancock; Ready or Not
The Barkays; Freakshow on the dancefloor
BB and Q; Imagination
Inner Life; Moment of my life
The Brothers Johnsosn; Funkedilala & Welcome to the club
Atlantic Star; Silver Shadow & Shadows
Howard Johnson; So Fine
Fatback; Body language
[Brit Funk] Loose Ends; Hangin on a string
Change; Change of Heart
The Dazz Band; Let it whip & Let it all Blow
Glen Jones; Finesse
[Brit Funk] Total Contrast; Takes a little time
[Brit Funk]-David Joseph (Formerly of High Tension); You can't hide your love
O Bryan; Loveline
Evelyn “Champagne” King; I’m in Love & Get Loose
Bobby Nunn; She is just a groupie & Private Party
[Brit Funk]-The Ebony Brothers; Brighten up your night
SOS Band; Just be good to me & Tell me if you still care
Jeff Lorber; Moon light rising
Howard Johnson; Knees
Vicky D; This beat is mine
Radiance; Fresh
(Rick James) Mary James Girls; Candyman
(Rick James) Teena Marie; Lovergirl & Fix it
[Brit Funk]–Alton Edwards; I just wanna spend some time with you
Ray Parker Junior; For those who like to groove & Still in the groove
[Brit Funk]-David Grant(Formerly of Linx); Stop and Go
[Brit Funk]-Well Red; limit of your loving

You give me something
(1970’s FUNK)

Jay Kay, Rob Harris & Nick Fyffe

Starpoint; I Want you closer
The Jacksons; Wondering Who-[Vocoder intro only]
The Jackson 5 ; Life of the Party
Shalamar; Second time around

George Duke; Funkin’ for the thrill I'm for real
Donna Summer; Autumn changes-[Elements of the groove towards the end]
WAR: Me and baby brother

[Brit Funk] Delegation; Put a little love on me

The classic 70's Funk Bassline;

Bill Withers; Lovely day
Side Effect; Keep on keeping on
Aurra; Baby love
Pleasure; Midnight at the oasis
CHIC; I want your love
Ronnie Laws: New Day
Starpoint; Don't leave me
Sister Sledge; One more time
Herb Alpert; Rise
Dexter Wansel; The sweetest Pain
Stanley Clarke; We Supply
L.T.D; Stand up
Unlimited Touch; I hear music in the streets
The Isley Brothers; The winner takes all
Deodato; Knights Of Fantasy
Weldon Irvine; Blue in green
[Brit Funk]-Junior; Too late
Earth Wind and Fire; Celebrate
Cameo; Is this the way
(Barry White) Gloria Scott ~ Just As Long As We're Together (1974)

Corner of the Earth
[1970’s Soul/Bossa Nova/Classical]

Jay Kay & Rob Harris

Gustav Holst; Mars The Bringer Of War (The Planet Suite)
Bobbi Humphrey; Mestizo Eyes

Earth Wind and Fire; Mom
Patrice Rushen; She will take you down to love
Stevie Wonder; Bird of Beauty
Pleasure; Sassafras Girl

Stop don’t Panic
(1980’s Synth Pop/Electro)

Jay Kay, Rob Harris & Nick Fyffe

Unknown but sounds familiar from the breakdance era. Prince perhaps. The groove is slightly similar to and has aspects of; Janet Jackson; Nasty Boys & Rhythm Nation or Elbow bones and racketeers; Night in New York

Love Foolosophy
(Late 1970’s Disco era FUNK )

Jay Kay & Toby Smith

The SOS Band; Do it Now

The SOS Band; Take your time do it right & It's a Long way to the top
Roy Ayres; Sweet tears (1979 Version) & What you won’t do for Love
Mandrill; Holiday-[“Swans” in the intro] & Dance of Love
Young and Company; I like what you're doing to me
Booker T. Jones; Don’t stop your love
Mystic Merlin; Just can't give you up
Breakwater; Say you love me girl
Peaches and Herb; Freeway
Blue Feather; Let's Funk tonight
Roy Ayres; Don't let our love slip away
Roy Ayres; [Fever Album 1979]

(1980’s Synth Pop/Electro)
Jay Kay

Unknown. It sounds like another break dancing track from the 80’s. It has some aspects of Street dance by Break Machine. It belongs with the B Boys and the breakdancing crowd of the 80’s who were into The Soul Sonic Force, Jozun Crew, Cybertron, Tyrone Brunson, Mantronix etc.
Street Sounds Electro compilations of the 80's are a recommendation as are the two breakdancing films of the era, Beat Street and Breaking (Starring Ice T)

Black Crow
(1970’s/1980’s SOUL)

Jay Kay, Rob Harris & Nick Fyffe

Marvin Gaye; Flying high in a friendly sky
Wayne Henderson; Mysterious Maiden
Rick James; Getting It On (In The Sunshine)
[Elements of the female vocals]
The Brothers Johnson; Strawberry letter 23
Stevie Wonder; Bird of Beauty
Captain Sky; Moon child
Kool and the gang; Whisper softly
Pharoah Sanders; Love will find a way

Main Vein
(Early 1970’s Jazz FUNK)

Jay Kay

BT Express; Whatcha' think about that!?
Curtis Mayfield; Beautiful Brother of mine
Isaac Hayes; Truck Turner & Funky Junky
The Bee Gees; You should be dancing now
Rose Royce; Water-[Elements of the groove]
Roy Ayres; We live in Brooklyn baby-[Elements of the groove]
The Isley Brothers; Go all the way-[Elements of the bassline towards the end of main vein]
[The ending]
Sly and the Family Stone; If you want me to stay
Loose Ends; Watching you watching me
7th Wonder; Do it with your body
Cleopatra Jones; Go chase Cleo
The Jackson 5; (You Were Made) Especially For Me
Creative Source; Who is he and what is he to you
Barrie Forgie; Mind Bender & hunted
(Ray Parker ) Raydio; Is this a love thing
The Salsoul Orchestra; Zambesi
The Barkays; Son of Shaft Live! at the Watstax festival (1972)

Do It like we used to
(Early 1970s′FUNK)

Unknown. Main Vein II. The bassline sounds like the intro to [Light up the Night] by the Brother’s Johnson looped. Guitar along the lines of Roy Ayres; Brother Green. Strings similar to Black Crow (Wayne Henderson). Acts playing this style of Funk in the early 70’s were numerous. These include the likes of Larry Graham, Rose Royce, BT Express, Curtis Mayfield, The Barkays, Isaac Hayes and many more. If it's based on any particular track then I don't know it.

Picture of my life
(1970’s Soul/Bossa Nova)

Jay Kay & Rob Harris

Patrice Rushen; She will take you down to love
Lonnie Liston Smith; Quiet moments, George Duke; A melody

*See Corner of the Earth recommendations

So good to feel real
(1970’s /1980’s FUNK)

Jay Kay

LTD; Time to be real

Pleasure; Get to the feeling
T-Connection; Girl watching
D-Train; Keep giving me love
Manhattan Rhythm; Sweet Lady


Feels Just Like It Should
(1980’s Electrified FUNK)

Jay Kay

The Commodores; Fancy dancer & X-rated movie
The Barkays; Holy Ghost, Woman of the Night & Hit and Run
Slave; You take my breath away & I like your style
Mtume; Tie me up
Cameo; Skin I’m in, You make me work & Talking out the side of your neck
LA Connection; Get it up & Come into my heart
One Way; Can I & Pull fancy dancer pull

The Commodores; Brick House
The Ohio Players; Jive Turkey
Cameo; Word up

*The synth breakdown sounds like another Barkays track that I cant'recall.

(Early 1980's Synth FUNK)

Jay Kay & Matt Johnson

Randy Jackson (Formerly of the Jackson 5); Love you honey
Azymuth; May I have this dance
Jenny Burton; Bad Habit, High Fashion; Pump on the pipe
[Brit Funk] Shakatak; Walk the walk & Living in the UK
Midnight Star; Wet my whistle
Dexter Wansel; I’ll Never Forget [Elements of the Bassline}
Brothers Johnson; Strawberry letter 23-[Elements of the Bassline}
Marvin Gaye; Sanctified Lady-[intro only]
Lee Ritenouor; Countdown
Midnight Star; Operator, Electricity & No parking on the dance floor
[Brit Funk] Kandenza; Lets do it
Con Funk Shun; Body Lovers
Brass Construction; Walking the line
Ollie and Jerry; There’s no stopping us (Breaking)

[Elements of the vocals]
Kano; Can't hold back your lovin' [“Dynamite dynamite”]
CHIC; My feet keep dancing [“Dancing Dancing”]
Change; On top
High Fashion; Feeling lucky lately

Time won’t wait
(Late 1970’s Disco era FUNK)

Jay Kay, Matt Johnson & Rob Harris

Rick James; Big time-[Intro only] (“12-123”)
Rose Royce; Pop your fingers-[Intro only]
Mandrill; Dance of Life
El coco; Cocomotion
Booker T Jones; Don’t Stop Your Love
Roy Ayres; Don’t let our love slip away & fever
[Quincy Jones and Patti Austin]
Turn on the Action
Ai no corrida
Betcha' wouldn't hurt me
Gloria Gaynor; Never can say goodbye

*Love foolosophy recommendations also apply

Seven days in sunny June
(1970’s SOUL)

Jay Kay & Matt Johnson

Donald Byrd; You & Music
Slave; Do you like it Girl
Stevie Wonder; Golden lady & Summer Soft

Sly and the Family Stone; Hot fun in the Summertime
The Gap Band; The Boys are back in Town

Pamplemousse; Le Spank
Donna Summer; Spring affair & Love to love you baby [Ooooh!]
The Isley Brothers; Harvest for the world
CHIC; Sao Paulo

Howard Jones; I’d like to get to know you well [Elements of the groove]
Johnny “Hammond” Smith; Lost on 23rd street, Fantasy & Call on me
Brenda & Herb; What Goes Around
The Commodores; Gettin it
Cameo; Smile
The Gap Band; You told me that
Tears for Fears; Sowing the seeds of love

(1970’s SOUL)

Minnie Ripperton; Here we go
(CHIC) Johnny Mathis; I want to fall in love
Brandi Wells; When it’s love
Billy Preston & Syreeta (Stevie's Wife); With you I'm born again
Quincy featuring Patti Austin; Something Special
(The Stylistics) Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross; Stop look listen to your heart
Diana Ross; It’s my House
The Isley Brothers; Atlantis
CHIC; Will you cry
Heatwave; Dial
Kool and the Gang; Winter Sadness
Rose Royce; Love Don't live here any more & Wishing on a star
[Brit funk] Imagination; In and out of Love
Michael Jackson; The Lady in my life & Time waits for no one (The Jacksons)
The Commodores; You're Special
Cameo; Hanging Downtown
Smokey Robinson; Quiet Storm
Nancy Sinatra; You only live twice
Ella Fitzgerald; Summertime
little Anthony & The Imperials; I think i'm going out of my head
Louis Armstrong; What a Wonderful World

(1970’s FUNK )

Jay Kay & Matt Johnson

Isley Brothers; Fight the power & People of today
George Duke; Dream on
The Jackson 5; Honey love
Pleasure; Thank you for everything
(Brit Soul) Osibisa: Wango-Wango (1972)
Don’t give hate a chance
(Late 1970’s Disco era FUNK)

Jay Kay, Matt Johnson & Rob Harris

Fatback; Wide glide–[Intro only]
[Brit Funk]-Olympic Runners; keep it up & Whatever It Takes
[Brit Funk]-Rod Stewart; Do you think I’m sexy?-[Bassline]
Lipps.Inc; All night dancing
Prince; Sexy Dancer -[Guitar style]
AHZZ; New Yorks movin'
The Gibson Brothers; Que Sera Mi Vida)
The 202 Machine; Rock your body

(Late 1970’s early 1980’s Disco/post Disco era FUNK)

Jay Kay, Matt Johnson & Rob Harris

Roy Ayers; Black 5 [The Intro is looped]
[Brit Funk]-Light of the World; Famous Faces (American mix 1982)
Tom Browne; Brighter Tomorrow
The Whispers; And the beat goes on
Roy Ayres; Running Away-[Bassline]
BT Express; Taking off
Kleeer; Tonight’s the night
Kool and the Gang; Morning Star, Too Hot & Think it over
[Brit Funk] Band AKA; Grace-[Bassline]
[Brit Funk] Light of the World; Swingin’-[Elements of the guitar intro]
Laurie Anderson; Oh Superman-[The “hahahah” sound]
Philip Bailey (From E.W.F); Vaya (Go with love)
Paul McCartney; Wonderful Christmas [Intro]

[The “Tragic” violin style is the late 70's Disco era aspect of the groove]

Gloria Gaynor; I will survive
Donna Summer; MacArthur Park
Melba Moore; You stepped into my life
Teach-In; Ding a dong
Brainstorm; Lovin' is really my game
CHIC; Open up (The UK version has clapping and celebration at the end]
With The Groove Our Only Guide We Shall All Be Moved.
Funkadelic (One Nation Under A Groove)

(((THOUGHTS))) are "Things" [Napoleon Hill. 1883-1970 ]

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 14:11    Reply with quote

Re: The Influences of Jamiroquai from 70's & 80's Funk!
70's Jazzfunkateer wrote:
*Rock Dust light star is not Funk. I don’t know anything about Electro-Pop / Rock. I read somewhere that it's the sound of ELO and 10cc.

Hey, nice recommendations. I'll be going through them. This part I thought was an interesting note, because I had the same thought while listening to 10cc's Deceptive Bends on a particular song. Could've sworn there was a similar part incorporated into RDLS. Tonally, RDLS is much more rock with jazz funk fusion elements sprinkled in I think.

I would add there's influence by Queen, Supertramp & Boz Scaggs as well.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 16:02    Reply with quote

as I posted on the Jamiroquai sub reddit, very good post.

I particularly like the analysis at the end of it. It looks like Jamiroquai have been reviewing the history of Funk with each of their albums Smile
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 04:14    Reply with quote

Actually I take it back. It wasn't Deceptive Bends. It was 10cc's 'The Original Soundtrack"... the track 'Flying Junk' sound very similar to RDLS.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 15:20    Reply with quote

Wow Funkateer! Shocked
Super cool, will print up list of songs!

Ok, so you're not saying Jami claims these as their influence, but this is what you think came first and may've influenced?

the song "Picture of my Life"
reminds me a bit of Marvin's "Dream of a Lifetime"

70's Jazzfunkateer wrote:
*Rock Dust light star is not Funk. I don’t know anything about Electro-Pop / Rock. I read somewhere that it's the sound of ELO and 10cc.

Haha this makes me laugh! where are you from? I grew up listening to ELO. I would never compare Jamiroquai to ELO, who sound like they're singing from inside a tube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glLkNo60t3w

But I guess, as music has modernized it's got an electric component, even Hip-Hop today. RDLS is more Pop, and some Rock. But I'd say overall Jamiroquai has always been morphed from several genres, ranging from Funk, Acid Jazz, Pop, Rock, &Electronic. They can call it whatever they want, just don't limit them to one category!
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 01:53    Reply with quote

also feel RDLS "Lifeline" and "Blue Skies" have a Motown vibe in the arrangements or instruments, and a Soul feel in the voice.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 17:38    Reply with quote

Thanks Javis. You and people like you are the reason I am here. I'm glad you are enjoying the Funk. I will be adding more tracks so stay tuned.
With The Groove Our Only Guide We Shall All Be Moved.
Funkadelic (One Nation Under A Groove)

(((THOUGHTS))) are "Things" [Napoleon Hill. 1883-1970 ]
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 17:58    Reply with quote

Re: 10CC.
Cheers Funky Vibes.
As I said I'm not that hot on Rock. Dreadlock Holidays and I'm Not in Love are just about the only 10cc tracks I know and I was never into ELO. I saw someone had written somewhere that it sounded like 10cc but I wasn't sure. Now you’ve solved the mystery. I just listened to flying junk and it's a pretty cool track. You can tell they loved their reggae. It reminds me also of Queen, Steely Dan or even Bowie. Pure 70's goodness!
With The Groove Our Only Guide We Shall All Be Moved.
Funkadelic (One Nation Under A Groove)

(((THOUGHTS))) are "Things" [Napoleon Hill. 1883-1970 ]

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 18:51    Reply with quote


Good glad you like the post.

Ok, so you're not saying Jami claims these as their influence, but this is what you think came first and may've influenced?

Well not quite. Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayres and Larry Graham and Patrice Rushen have all been mentioned as influences or inspiration by various band members over the years. Earth Wind and Fire, Pleasure, Kool and The Gang, Johnny Hammond and Vernon Burch too. Jamiroquai members all came from the same London Funk community I was in although I pre date them somewhat in terms of age. We all listened to the same soul radio shows, went to the same soul clubs and listened to the same music so most of those sounds are familiar to Jazzfunkers of my vintage.

Thanks for the heads up on picture of my life. I never really had time for ballads in my youth lol

. But I'd say overall Jamiroquai has always been morphed from several genres, ranging from Funk, Acid Jazz, Pop, Rock, &Electronic. They can call it whatever they want, just don't limit them to one category!

I beg to differ.
Eope, Rosc, Twom, Synkronised and Funk Odyssey are all Jazz Funk and Soul albums. Funk is Funk. The first three albums as I said are mostly based on early to mid 70's Jazz Funk. If pushed I would say the exceptions in terms of date on those albums are Cosmic girl which sounds like 1979, then High Times, Mr Moon and Emergency on Planet Earth which have the late disco era and post disco era sound. There is one reggae track but that was not unusual as many British Soul bands used to have reggae tracks on their Albums. The Jimmy Castor track is the only Rock track on those albums and many Soul bands would slip in the odd rock track in here or there.

The next three albums as I also previously mentioned progress into the disco and post disco era. Again the exceptions on Synkronised in my opinion are Black Capricorn Day and King for a day both of which have the early 70's sound. Deeper underground is mid 70's Stevie Wonder or the Isley Brothers but that reverberating Synth makes it sounds like it was made in the early 80's.

Yes indeed Rock, pop and electro take over partially on Dynamite and almost fully on RDLS but like all 70's Jazzfunkers I haven’t the foggiest idea what acid jazz is supposed to be. Which Jamiroquai track of those I’ve mentioned in my list would you call acid jazz and not 70's and 80's Jazzfunk?
With The Groove Our Only Guide We Shall All Be Moved.
Funkadelic (One Nation Under A Groove)

(((THOUGHTS))) are "Things" [Napoleon Hill. 1883-1970 ]
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 19:18    Reply with quote

"Lifeline" and "Blue Skies"
I would place them in the early 1970's rather than the 60's Motown era though. Soulful no doubt. They sound a bit like Elton John at the time of Yellow Brick road. I remember when he appeared on Soul Train singing Benny and the Jets.
I was also a big Ali fan btw. I used to have a t-shirt with " Float like a butterfly sting like a bee on it"!
With The Groove Our Only Guide We Shall All Be Moved.
Funkadelic (One Nation Under A Groove)

(((THOUGHTS))) are "Things" [Napoleon Hill. 1883-1970 ]
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 02:24    Reply with quote

70's Jazzfunkateer wrote:
Yes indeed Rock, pop and electro take over partially on Dynamite and almost fully on RDLS but like all 70's Jazzfunkers I haven’t the foggiest idea what acid jazz is supposed to be. Which Jamiroquai track of those I’ve mentioned in my list would you call acid jazz and not 70's and 80's Jazzfunk?

I think "acid jazz" has always been a vague genre descriptor. I get the impression acid jazz was meant to be a sort of attempt to modernize old school jazz (or funk I guess) for the 90s kids by incorporating elements of the then increasingly popular hip hop genre.

Take Jamiroquai's When You Gonna Learn. The song was created like other hip hop tracks. Jay took a sample from Johnny Hammond and looped it. His vocal delivery is kind of a sing-talk sort of thing too.

Or take a look at Stereo MC's album Connected. Similar feel going on there, but with a much heavier emphasis on hip hop elements.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 23:31    Reply with quote

@70's Jazzfunkateer oh my gosh there's almost too much to respond to here! Yes you think deeply about the music and where it comes from!

No I don't think Jamiroquai sound like Motown '60's, just that one tune. They are definitely a morph of '70's music.

Funk to me seems different than Europeans think of funk.
Jamiroquai members all came from the same London Funk community
This is key because we all have a reference points.

I don't think of Jamiroquai as "Funk", but more of a funky vibe morphed into perhaps jazz, techno, and pop. Maybe that's where the Jazz Funk is found. I never heard DJs refer to Jamiroquai as Acid Jazz but that's what they're labeled as.

To me, Pure funk has a deep beat and is dirty and sexual -> The epitome of slow groove Funk is Rufus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm_cFzVAoo8.

and of course P. Funk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiTh8BQ4oVU

I've never even heard of Vernon Burch -will look up.
It seems a lot of your songs are great tunes, and do share a lot with Jami's songs. Kind of feel good songs with smooth rhythms.

And I think Hip-Hop stems off of the Funk genre, and many songs sampled from these artists.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 23:52    Reply with quote

oh yes this definitely funk! Vernon Burch "Changes".
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 18:56    Reply with quote

HoneyBee wrote:
oh yes this definitely funk! Vernon Burch "Changes".

Damn, that's pretty good.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 23:06    Reply with quote

FunkyVibes wrote:

Damn, that's pretty good.

it is! someone I'd never heard of which is why it's nice chatting here.

FunkyVibes wrote:
I think "acid jazz" has always been a vague genre descriptor. I get the impression acid jazz was meant to be a sort of attempt to modernize old school jazz (or funk I guess) for the 90s kids by incorporating elements of the then increasingly popular hip hop genre.

Take Jamiroquai's When You Gonna Learn. The song was created like other hip hop tracks. Jay took a sample from Johnny Hammond and looped it. His vocal delivery is kind of a sing-talk sort of thing too.

Yes I agree -genres just a way to categorize. Funny that Gonna Learn's got some Hip-Hop influence Laughing and different than Stereo MCs 'Connected' in the way that MCs is heavier in beat, drums, bass, and slower, while Gonna Learn is very complex, it's lighter and faster and samples trumpet and flute as a voice. It's a much better track. The MC track is for clubs. Jamiroquai's is much more serious music with a serious message!

Even though that Hammond track would be Jazz genre, it would be played on the current R & B or Soul stations at certain times, maybe jazz had to merge to survive.
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