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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:43    Reply with quote

i started to write some time ago on jtalk a list of jamiroquai's related things, about songs and rmeixes or live versions, a kind of jamiroquai's secrets page, or a jamiroquai things to know thread, i always have to put it up there, so i think the best way to don't get it lose i should copy here, i think it's gonna take quite long to do, but i want all to see it, and i want people write also the things they know about jami songs, so here is it:

"when you gonna learn" contains bits of inspiration on johnny hammond's "los conquistadores chocolates", and in the "acid jazz when you gonna learn" single, in jay's special thanks you can read: ..."johnny H. (you know who you are and deserve a much wider audience and have inspired me)"...

if you listen the song you will clearly hear the "inspiration", so the similarities of some parts.....
also, the end from this song was used on another early jamiroquai song, you can hear the same complete riff of band in do that dance song they use to play back in 1993 concerts.....

do that dance was a funky song wich got so many changes in the early years, as you can hear in different concerts from 93, later, just before the record of jamiroquai's second album, the final version of this song was made, mixing it with another early song called "life goes on", and the result was "scam"

that was a nice link of little things....Smile

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:46    Reply with quote

too young to die
the extended version of too young to die is 10:08 minutes long and contains amazing new bits on it, i love the end part were you can listen jay doing a lovely backing vocal wich says "you know i'm too young to die, you know i'm too young to die", with a so high voice....Smile

hooked up
the sample you hear on the second part of this song wich says "party people....like this" (i can't understand more hehe) is from erick b and rakim's "let the rythm hit 'em" song, dj d-zire use to play this sample in concerts in hooked up versions but also in a song they played in milan in 94 named as "rock the house" in songs from manitu bootleg on dj plays most of the sample of the rapped part of the original song...

another sample from eric b and rakim was used by darren in some jamming song band use to do in 95's concerts,as extended versions of when you gonna learn, the sample was a horns secctions riff, from "old school hip hop" song...

jamiroquai played and co-created a hip hop song called "lost souls", in a collaboration with guru on his album jazzmatazz volume II,jay,stu,wallis,and darren play on it...

if i like it i do it
on emergency on planet earth album back tracklist you can read that "if i like it i do it" song is 4:35 long, this is actually the playtime of north american version of this song, in the booklet it's printed 4:52 wich is the playtime of european version

jamiroquai played an acoustic version of this track for mtv in 93, where you see wallis playing the dambourine and (well now i'm so stoned so i'll confirm is this is real of product of my mind but i think is nick van gelder on the guitar) Smile

music of the mind
jamiroquai played a live version of this track in 93, in glastonbury festival in england, the song including stings by reggae phylarmonic orchrestra and lyrics by jay

in this concert jamiroquai's guitarist was mr simon bartholomew from the brand new heavies, old friend of the band

you can see simon bartholomew in blow your mind video

emergency on planet earth
on the album version of "eope "you can hear a morse code at the beggining and on the 3rd minute, i heard that is a SOS but i'm not sure...

the extended version of emergency on planet earth it's 4:12 long, only 8 seconds more than album version, but this is because is an extended from the radio edit wich is 3:31 long, those versions contains differents orchestration and bass riffs, you can listen the radio edit in the video

jamiroquai's space ship on this video is called s.s. orenda, orenda was the name of jamiroquai merchadising, orenda word haves lot to do with the iroquoi tribe, that's what i found: "Orenda" is an Iroquois word. It means "Tribal Soul on the Right Path."

...to be continued...

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:49    Reply with quote

whatever it is i just can't stop
this is the only song from 1st album never been played live, and theres only that version of it, it's apparently the "fotgot song" of emergency on planet earth album...Sad

blow you mind
just extrange that the song is "blow your mind" and the song talks about "blow my mind", looking at tittle it seems like it's gonna be "more political" than a love tune...but....this love tune is incredible!

revolution 1993
the demo version of revolution 1993 is longer that the album version, it's 10:22 long, anyway the album version is the longer jamiroquai album track
the rare excerpt edit it's only 3:18

in some 97 concert jamiroquai started the gigs playing revolution but as intro of it, the played the formula 1 song they done for uk tv

didgin' out
shortest jamiroquai album track listed
you can hear wallis saying "jamiroquoi" by his didgeridoo at the beggining and end of the song
in some early concerts the song was completed with more brass parts and new keyboards and jay's voice singing

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:54    Reply with quote

just another story
this is the first jamiroquai track derrick mc kenzie recorded

in some concerts before jamiroquai's second album you can hear the early version, with some different parts, and different lyrics (same theme but different phrases)

stillness in time
the video for this song is quite rare, but is completely amazing, you can see the band's good vibes in those years Smile

the vinil version of the track is 6:05 longer, and it includes a brand new part after the standard song, this is the version they use to play at concerts in the past

half the man
the melody of this tune was inspirded to toby by her girlfriend

is the first video clip on you can see jay without hat, later in the future you can also see jay without hat in cosmic girl, high times, king for a day, and beggining of you give me something

there are 2 versions of the video, one it's jay's face in one take singing to the song, the other version also includes images of a lovers kissing

light years
there are so many good versions of this track, inlcuding 2 different radio edits, and album edit version and a instrumental version, jamiroquai got a lot of intrumental versions of album songs as on when you gonna learn,too young to die, hooked up, space cowboy,deeper underground and main vein
there are also 2 version of the video, the standard one and the 2nd version with new takes and the music of 4 to da floor remix

in the end of this song, in the fade out you can hear jay saying:
"you understand? light years away from who i am!"

manifest destiny
this song wasn't played never live but they played a early version of it in milan 94 concert, the song was basically the same music but different lyrics, and it was called "let me believe"

the kids
this is the only trotsc song on you can't hear derrick playing drums, 'cos it was recorded by nick van gelder, this is the first record for this album, the song was played live since 93, but it wasn't the same version and the lyrics were completed with the time
theres a japanese single version of the track wich is reorchetrated and with some little changes from the album version


i talked about the story of this great tune before Wink
in the concerts they didn't play the intro of the album, there was a trumpet solo as intro when they played connected after emeregency on planet earth in 94/95 concerts, other times (i only know one) they used as intro, the rare intro used for eope in some other concerts
the intro of the album wich is originally from do that dance early song was used in concerts as outro of use the force and intro of high times, this intro was entirely rescued from th epast and includes all the parts it originally contains, not only the part you hear in scam intro

journey to arnhemland
arnhemland is in australia and there liveplace of the aboriginals
there are 2 album versions of this track, one 10 second longer than the other
this was also an early trotsc tune and you can hear the ebolution of it from 94 concerts to 99 ones
at the ending of the song you can hear wallis' breath

morning glory
there was a release of this track and theres a radio edit and a relaxing instrumental version too
never played live Sad

space cowboy
this song have lots of edits, but all of them are edits from the stoned again version and not the album, there are radio edits, intrumentals, censored edits....
the live versions use to be more like that version and not like the album
this was also an early tune but wasn't played before the release of the album, but you can hear jay saying "this is the return of the space cowboy" in journey to arnhemland live on glasgow in 94, before album release
the demo version of this song also shows tha tthe main idea was there but the had some changes
as this is a top song, have been played in most of the concerts since the album was out, and you can listen to lots and lots of live versions with lots of cool arranges, in 96/97/99 they used a beautifull intro for it

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:00    Reply with quote

virtual insanity
it was released the day dolly the ship was born, the side b of the tune, "bullet" (a little version of it) was used as intro for virtual insanity in 99 concerts, the instrumental part in the middle of the tune was played live in a funk odyssey tour

in the incredible video for this song is the walls what is moving and not the floor

cosmic girl
there are lots of remixes of this song, one of them, the quasar mix was played live in some 96 concerts as encore
there are 2 versions of the video, the normal one and the jay's cut
in some cosmic girl singles there's the unreleased track slipin' n' slidin', intrumental track wich was played live and with lyrics in some concerts in 96/97

use the force
the riff you hear in the chorus for this song gots the same progresion as deeper underground intro, this was also used for "a funk odyssey" live tune, wich have created confussion in the fans in last concerts when hearing same riff for use the force, deepre underground and a funk odyssey....:-S

theres a live version of use the force with didgeridoo, it was played in 97 in mc laren launch party

theres a radio edit of this song (and a promo single) and theres only one known live version of it, in 97 in manchester

the sample used for this song (right now) is from eddie harris' "it's all righ now" song
theres a remix done by dave navarro and chad smith from red hot chili peppers
the people you hear singing in the last part of the video is from a concert in argentina

high times
there are 2 album versions of this track, one includes the sample "last night changed it all" by esther williams, this is the one you hear in the 14 track twm album and not in the standard release,where the sample is not there...i really prefer it with the sample

drifting along
the only reggae song by jamiroquai, they played live once in nothing hill carnival in 1996
jamiroquai and reggae got another link, they played a cover of jimmy cliff's "the harder they come the harder tey fall" in 94 in amsterdam

didjital vibrations
n 96 and 97 concerts jamiroquai played excelent version of this track with lots of new keyboard, flute and brass parts, sometimes doing cool extended version of more than 8 minutes
theres a single version of this track
in some live versions of journey to arnhemland jay improoves little lyrics and sing "it's a didjital vibration"

travelling without moving
the motor you heard in the intro for thi tune is jay's lamborghini diablo se30
this is one of jamiroquai's top live tune, so versatile, it have suffered lots and lots of beautiful changes, there exists lots of brand new parts of this song in the extended live versions played in all the tours since 96

you are my love and spend a lifetime
no live version and no edits from this cool songs Sad

do you know where you're coming from?
this collaboration with m-beat created a so good jungle /drum n bass song, it was written by m-beat and toby smith and lyrics by jay, derrick mc kenzie was in the drums and toby in the keys
never played live but they done a playback performance for top of the pops in 96

this song contains a sample from got to be real by cheryl linn
funktion was apparently recorded in one take, with the band playing and jammin' together

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:05    Reply with quote

in half the man single theres a song called "space clav" wich is the side b for trotsc, it's a beautifull instrumental track written by toby smith and stuart zender (the reason for not being released in the album?)
they played a live and lyrical version of it in 1993 in japan

canned heat
earth wind and fire's boogie wonderland gave some inspiration for this tune Smile
the first jamiroquai song without real bass on it

planet home
this is the first jamiroquai tune wich uses an electronic drum kit by derrick mc kenzie
you can also notice the inspiration on some earth wind and fire, "shining star"

black capricorn day
this was to be the 4th single for synkronized and there was a release in japan and a video maked, but all of this stoped extrangely to write and record a funk odyssey
the white night remix gots didgeridoo on it
in some 99 concerts sola did a percussion intro and sang in nigerian and also in japanese in some japan concerts that year

soul education
there was a release of this song in france with a radio edit and and an extended version wich is only 2 seconds longer than album version Neutral

falling and destitute illusions
falling was never played live and no other version existing....sad 'cos is a lovely tune
destutute illusions have also never been played live, but as said there was a early jami tune used as intro wich is so similar
in some countrys "destitute illusions" was called "illusions"

is the first (and the last) didgeridoo song with lyrics (not counting when you gonna learn (digeridoo) 'cos it only haves didg on intro and middle part, and that version was done for the album, as the original version was without didgeridoo

this song was played live in 99 so rarely and been rescued for live gigs in 2003 with incredible good new parts and feeling Smile

where do we go from here?
i still hope to hear in the future a jamiroquai playing this tune live

king for a day
this song was apparently writen due to stuart zender's departure
you can see jay's shadow in the wall of the house waiting to enter in the image in the beggining of the video Wink

deeper underground
one of the mixes gots 3 different names:
jays' mix
metro mix
jamirozilla mix
and the remix itself it's quite exacltly like chillington mix (includin playtime 6:56)

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:10    Reply with quote

feel so good
before the release of a funk odyssey (when the original name 2001:a funk odyssey was in all's mouth) this song was called "feels so good", in some releases you can read that title
theres an edit and an extended version wich sounds so good Smile
the song was played live in first 2001 concerts as knebworth, just before the release of the album

little l
the sound of this tune is so like "anothe rone bites the dust" by queen
in some early concerts as knebworth they played the wounded buffalo live mix as encore, in last concerts they used those notes of wounded buffalo mix to do a new version of the tune, the bits of this remix are taken from "boogie oogie oogie" by a taste of honey
there are 2 versions of the video, with different shots of the party

you give me something
there are lots and variates mixes of this song including a r'nb remix, theres also an extended verson with intro and outro for the song
the original video shows jay punching a photographer in the face, as part of biographical part video haves, but it was edited later so theres the 2nd edit of the video (less interesting and funny Wink)

corner of the earth
the intro for this song was originally a part from an early tune called cannabliss, wich later was dramatically changed some times to get a new song wich apparently will be in next album
theres an acoustic remix of this song, and they have played live acoustic version of it too

love foolosophy
apparently exist 5 different versions of love foolosophy written but finally only the album version was released
theres also an acoustic remix and live acosutic versions were played
in the extended versions played in las concerts 02/03 you got the pleasure of listening a solo by sola and derrick, here you can listen derrick playing double pedal, extrabge thing only heard in a part of "the kids" in 95 concerts and in we getting down solo
there are 2 different versions of the video

stop don't panic
theres an edit and an extended version of this track, but it was never played live

black crow

theres another version of this track with different instrumentation on it wich is so good
in some 01/02 concerts they played the song including a part on were the song went so much faster and funky Smile
they also played live acoustic versions of it for some radio stations

main vein
theres a version without jay's voice, wich only contains the backing vocals
in 2002 they played an extrange brand new version of this song to start some concerts
this song apparently includes samples from some songs and theres a version called no samples, but i can't see where the samples are...

twenty zero one
theres a short edit and an extended version wich is 8:30 long and includes new parts on it, most like the live version they use to play

picture of my life
there are 3 different studio versions of this track, one with the same duration but singed quite differently and other one, little longer thart the album version with different orchestration and all
also an acoustic live version was played for some radio stations
the song you hear after this song in the album is "so good to feel real" an early demo of feel so good, wich i think is much better that that one

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:38    Reply with quote

do it like we used to do
this song was also name changed to "do it like we used to", there are 2 version with same duration(7:32), but one gots echoe in backing vocals and the other one don't
theres also a shorter edit of the song

wolf in sheeps clothing
the side b for canned heat it's a good funky/dance track, some rumours said that the song synkronized was a lyrical version of this track.....

a bonus track from synkronized, it's an intrumental track with so 80's rap sound...one of jami's extrangest tune

everybody's going to the moon
song created for "titan ae" soundtrack, played live intrumental in funk odyssey tour named as "titan"

mr boogie
a live tune played in 95 wich is an early version of slipin' n' slidin', this song ebolution is extrange 'cos it was this lyrical version, to turn on slipin'n'slidin' intrumental, wich later wa splayed live with lyrics.....

who the funk do you think you are?
a cool tune played as outro of light years and emeregency on planet earth intro in 95

givin' me a bad name
a never released song by jamiroquai played in concerts in 93, a very good song

a funk odyssey
this song was played in some concerts in 01/02 and it's so extrange 'cos got's different versions

snooze you loose
a great unreleased tune from synkronized included in the online odyssey single

shoot the moon
the last new track played by jamiroquai live, apparently it will be also in next album......let's see......

it's not an interumental song, as you can hear jay on the very back

on everyday jay says "yes i do" 31 times on the beggiing of the song

cosmic girl
last week i was taking a bath listening to travelling without moving album, when cosmic girl started i thinked in the booklet of the album, on the lyrics where you can read this:
(send me into hyperspace when i see her pretty face)
times 8

but this is the times jay say that after the break starts, before it he says 2 times more in the backing vocals Smile

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
Location: basque country

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:45    Reply with quote

virtual insanity
jay explains in a concer tin japan how he writed virtual insanity after a japan tour on where they saw an underground town after asking a man where the people was, as the streets were empty.....
"there is no sound, for we all live underground"

when you gonna learn
most times this song has been played live it was with didgeridoo, there are a few live versions without it,as in 93 in taratata for tv, in 97 in chile, maybe the only time played in 97 gigs, it's extrange 'cos wallis was there....
in 2002 they played it also in harling homecoming and on tour in montpellier, both without didgeridoo, as wallis wasn't in the band no more ( Sad )
in some 95 concerts they played when you gonna learn and finished changing the song 'till play jammings and cover songs, doing 15 minutes long versions....
in 94 concert in paradiso, amsterdam, they played a 30 minutes long one, wich was 10 minutes of intro with didgeridoo and percussion, then 3 minute sor so from when you gonna learn song and then jamming with songs like jungle boogie originally from kool and the gang and rappers delight from the sugarhill jam
they played this song (rappers delight) in some 93 and 94 concerts too

our time is coming

jamiroquai have played covers of this track by roy ayers in 96 for 2 tv programs at "mtv" and "the white room", a cool and groovy version wich includes didgeridoo
they played an extra long version in montreux jazzfestival in 95, with a 10 minutes long didgeridoo and percussion intro and 10 minutes of funky version of it
jamiroquai have covered lots of artists, but this is not the only song by roy ayers they have played, 'cos in 95 tour they played don't stop the feeling after just another story, wich they play starting from the "after the intro" part, then the intor and then don't stop the feeling, a cool tune. the also played in any 94 concert as wolwerhampton, but it was in november so ready to start the 95 tour...Wink
they played another roy tune in 97 in roseland ballroom in NY, "coffey is the color"
in last montreux jazz festival jay singed with roy ayers a jammin version of don't stop the feeling in his concert...

i may forget anyone.....
in 93:
god made me funky by headhunters
rappers delight by the sugarhill jam
wild style by (?)
tighten up by archie bell and the drells
signed sealed delivered by stevie wonder
turn off the lights by larry young
in 94:
the harder they come by jimmy cliff
whole lotta love by led zeppelin
we're getting down by weldon irvine (also in 95)
in 95:
gotta get down (by james brown?)
sunny by bob hebb
in 97:
hollywood swinging by cool and the gang
it's your world by (?) (i know james taylor quartet plays it but i don't think is the original artist)
upside down by dianna ross (with dianna ross)
miss you by the rolling stones
love to love you by donna summer (jay sings this in some concert in canned heat, i don't think is the real name of the song)
sunny by bob hebb (a brand new version, for me the best cover they made)
bad girls by donna summer (also in 2002)
love is the drug by roxy music
samba de janeiro (by ?)

btw....98 is the only year without jami concerts since 92
(now 2004 too)

music of the mind:
did you hear stuart zender's bass mastil's sound in the fast part?
you can hear how he slides the fingers from note to note, listen carefully in the fast part and the trumpet solo....

deeper underground
there's a version of the deeper underground video without godzilla on it, so the destroyer of all the theatre is a big man wich ges out from the film......
i'm pretty sure about another version of the video, so similar to the standard version but with a few different shots in the beggining....

destitute illusions
i think its easy to hear but some people didn't hear it....at the beggining jay says "you make think you're in heaven" and at the end he says (wispering) "destitute illusions, right in fromt your eyes"

"Deeper Underground
Posted by zsome on 09/01/2004 12:43:17

This is the only video where Jay wears Nike shoes (oh, and except Blow your Mind, where he wears Reebok:-)))"

space cowboy
the "cheeba" word was erased in the US radio version....

just another story and revolution 1993 are the only album songs with fuck word, but in concerts i heard jay saying it in more songs as on the kids,high times,travelling without moving and twenty zero one...maybe more.......

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:49    Reply with quote

originally deeper underground, wich was created for the film godzilla had different lyrics, but when the people of the film hear it said to jay to change them....

theres another reggae wink in lost souls, a little "interlude" on they say, get up stand up, get p for your rights...Wink

well, i have a part of little l and it's funny to hear how derrick plays the beggining of blow your mind,wich is the next sog to be played after little l, and so far he changes the rythm to little l's....i'm sure he couldn't wait to play it as i couldn't wait to hear it when i was in murcia concert, so there was the fault...:-p
derrick is an incredible good player, recognized on the top of drumming, i'm really in love with the way he plays the drums, and sometimes is good to see that he is also a human and not a human-metronome (with lot of feeling) and see doing stuff like this......
i remember in the concert of murcia 2003 when he was doing a so complex change (i don't if the technical name of "cambio" is also "change" in english) and he just get frozen for a second and finally did another easyer one, then looked to sol and bothe start laughing.....it was great! Smile
theres also a "funny" story about a derrick fault (or this is what i think) in cosmic girl played in woodstock 99, where he don't play the drum change to enter from intro to the song and jay says "haha motherfucker! you miss!".......someday i will get the video of the concert and i will confirm this, thing i ask myself all the times i hear the concert...Smile

appart from those times it's so hard to see derrick doing something wrong......Wink

virtual insanity
at the beggining of the song, you can hear a extrange sound, it's a sample from the movie "alien", the sound you hear it's the sound of the transmisor of information of the ship, you can hear the sound on the movie when the machine recives information, the alien message, and when some doors are to open, last time i saw the film was on the cinema, to see the new edit of the film,not so long ago and i catched the exact moment of the sample.....Smile

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Joined: 29 Jan 2003
Posts: 3472
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:52    Reply with quote

connected songs
in some jamiroquai concerts the band have played some tunes without stop,connecting them, and i love it, here you got some of those conections:

-emergency on planet earth-too young to die:
this is so rare one, i only heard it from the sheffield concert in 1993, the EOPE version is really unique, the music is totally different from any other version of EOPE,it's chorus is like the old version of the kids they use to play in those early years but the rest it's just different funky song,after this, they play TYTD,a standard version of this tune,like the radio edit,played a little slower, this is also extrange 'cos in this years the band used to do a special intro to this song
-emergency on planet earth-blow your mind:
this is also a extrange one,played in glasgow tramway in 1994,without any new arrangement in the middle of the 2 songs, just starting playeng BYM just when EOPE finished
-mr moon-too young to die:
in the same concert with a great way to mix them
-blow your mind-light years-emergency on planet earth-scam:
an incredible one,BYM starts with a jazzy intro and is mixed to LY by a brass-band arrangement,LY and EOPE with a drumm change,going first to a extrange EOPE intro (the one wich reminds me to destitute illusions), and from EOPE to scam playing the last trumpet note on EOPE same as the first scam one...amazing Smile this one was in some 94-95 concerts as wolwerhampton and amsterdam, in this concerts you can again hear ther mr moon-too young to die mix
just another story-don't stop the feeling:
starting from just another story without the intro,after last note of this,start playing the intro if the song itself and used as intro for don't stop the feeling...lovely Smile this one was done in most 95 concerts
when you gonna learn-jamming (including jungle boogie,got to get down,rappers delight....):
what can i say, it's a 30 minutes long song without stoping....Smile
-blow your mind-light years-EOPE INTRO-scam:
in some concerts in 95 the played as this, with scam after that rare EOPE intro, so become scam intro..Wink
-blow your mind-light years-who the funk do you think you are-emergency on planet earth-scam:
in some 95 concerts they did this awesome song connection Smile
-f1 song-revolution 1993
-f1 song-hooked up
-f1 song-cosmic girl:
in 96/97 concerts they played the song they've done for formula 1 on tv as intro of those songs,it was normally done with revolution, but also with those other 2 anytime
didjital vibrations-use the force-high times:
this amazing one was done in most 96/97 concerts, after didjital vibrations the percussion keeps playing and start playing harder,did a percussion intro, then use the force starts and then the outro to this song, a version of a part of do that dance song, wich is an early version of scam, and then high times rockin' Smile
-space cowboy-slipin' n' slidin':
in 96/97 concerts they played this two connecting them with a so nice final on space cowboy (of course beggining for s'n's) and beggining space cowboy with a beautiful jazzy intro
space cowboy-mr moon:
in some other concerts same tour they do this one with a little different arranfgement in the middle of the songs
-high times-space cowboy-alright:
in 99 concerts they done this 3 together,space cowboy had also that beautiful intro Smile
-soul education-cosmic girl:
in same tour those 2 where together by a long bass and drum part to go to cosmic girl intro
-butterfly-virtual insanity:
same tour, it was full of double songs, as this one with that "bullet" intro between the 2 tracks
-planet home-supersonic:
with a long vibe by toby to wait wallis coming to play didgeridoo Smile
-black capricorn day-light years:
BCD had a percussion intro and 2 tracks are played one after the other mixing it perfectly
-love foolosophy-cosmic girl:
this was only mad for jools holland show in 2001, the live set of all the band includes a full strings band Smile
-leftfield intro-twenty zero one:
most concerts of 2001 started with a record of a song by leftfield and then started TZO
-love foolosophy-canned heat-titan:
this was made in first funk odyssey tour concerts,both song changes were made with an easy drum rythm change
-leftfield intro-main vein:
this was made in last 2002 concert, were the set was changed and all the concert style went more rocky,the phase between the intro and the song was also done with the drum rythm starting,the main version was totally different from album version
-alright-samba de janeiro:
this was made in some concerts in late 2002, to finish the show,just starting playing the song with the drumm rythm
-planet home-a funk odyssey on late 2002 concerts...Smile

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 13:08    Reply with quote

if you wan tto know how suoersonic was recored go here:

and here to know about chilington studio

light years
the instrumental version wich is so nice, 'cos you can notice all the Derrick's feeling and little charles hit, Stu's awesome bass and Simon's wicked guitar, well, in fact all the band's little part on the song, Sola's percussion and Toby's keyboards easyer than in the regular version, but as i read in francois wiart site, were you can download it with so nice quality, you can hear jay in some parts, i listened to it carefully and i noticed Jay around 3rd minute, some hey! and light years! in the very very back......

the version you can listen in twm album (limited edition) is called "album version","extended mix" or "original mix", i really love it, theres a radio version of it called "radio edit-original mix", it's mostly the same but fades out in minute 3:40, the original it's 5:04 long.
the is another version called "full horns mix" or "full horns version" wich is 4:57 long, it's close to the original version but as the name says it have more brass on it, it haves some differents parts also and jay signs some different bits, the "radio edit-touch of horns mix" is the one you hear in the video clip (rare one), it's 3:36 long and as the other radio edit, it's close the the full version but with an early fade out
theres a remix called "intelligent groove mix", "intelligent drum & bass mix" or "intelligent mix" and it's quite different from the other versions, but it's also cool, it's 5:19 long, it starts with a smooth intro and then haves a so rare instrumentation, wich reminds me to a kind of arabian rythms and sounds, but still gots the originall spirit of the song, i think it's an interesting mix, and so nice, 'cos includes bird noises and also the sample of who i think it's mbeat rapping "do you know where you coming from, yeah!"do you know where you're coming from, c'mon", anyway this remix is more like a dub, as it doesn't include all the lyrics but the chorus and some "laralala" and bits of sentences
the "dextrous remix" wich is 3:36 minutes long haves different drum rythm but is close to the other edits, jay also sings it in a different way, wich is always great, also includes new "parapapa" parts of jay "jammin" Smile the same keyboard solo is included in all the remixes mentioned appart from intelligent mix and is really good
the "hands in the air mix" or "hands and feet mix", haves also different orchestration, different drums,percussion, bass and keyboards and it's also so good, it also includes the rapping by m- beat, it's 4:54 long
the "original extended" or "club mix" is 4:42 and it's mainly the same as the album version, but also includes m beat
the "jumping jack frost mix" or "jumping jack mix" it's a dub, it's not as good as all the other versions, it's 4:30 long and it's mainly a bucle of the keyboard riff of the standard song,with a new bass and drum and also keyboard....but hey! it's also cool! Wink
that's all about dykwycf from now Smile

double clapping
little l was become so famous because of the double clapping......there are lots and lots of jami songs with clappings, but only two with doubleclapping: little l and soul education

didjital vibrations
i'm pretty sure that the keyboards "sing" something in this tune...but somebody can tell me what they "say"?

rock me...
the song entitled "rock me" played by jamiroquai in skepsholmen jazz festival on 93 is a cover from chic's song "good times" (the same riff as rapper's delight by sugarhill hang) but i feel it contains bits from other songs...also jay say's grandmaster! and dj dzire and he scrach and rap the "pump pump pump pump me up! from "pump me up" from grandmaster flash, then he sings "rock me again and again and again, and some lyrics wich i think are improved" but may be from any other funky classic. the brass section play a riff that i know they play again in other jammings in concerts but i don't knwo wher eit comes from....unfortunatelly the song fades out and i can't listen more (sad! it was a nice funky tune to dance!)
in the song entitled "rock the house" and aka "wildstile" the band plays a song wich is so close to "rock me", but the bassline is totally different, and i don't know if it's from another song or it's stu's own, anyway jay sings also the "rock me again...." thing, the brass riff is the same, and the dj scratches the rap from erick b and rakim's "let the rythm hit em", wich is used also in hooked up (but i already talked about this Wink), and at the end dzire scratches the "brothers and sisters" sampler that he use in some other songs, and i only know about it that i have also heard it in a song by public enemy and i don't know if ot's the original or they also use the sample (i also heard the same one in a song by aztland underground and fermin muguruza)......well...i may be the only one reading this but...anyway....i'll continue checking....Smile
on thw when you gonna learn version they played in amsterdam 94 wich is 30 minutes long, the play also the same version of this song, without the rock me bits, changed by "get down get down" as on jungle boogie (dzire still uses the sample of pump me up"), after the 10 minutes intro of didg/percussion/bass and when you gonna learn they jam a song wich could be something by james brown, were jay sings bits from jungle boogie by kool and the gang and sex machine by james brown, then changes a bit and stu plays a riff wich i think is the origin from use the force, and finally they play the version i talked about......it's soooo nice! Smile
on the hey mr boogie bootleg (from japan 4th march 1993) the last song is when you gonna learn and it's basically the same as on amsterdam the next year (with lot of different jammings), but is cutted on minute 15 so i guess what we miss is all the chic's cover but who knows.......'cos the last you hear in the fade out is jay saying "ladies and gentelmen....." so may was the end of the song near.....
in the bootleg of garden palace jam at same place as the other but in 14th march 93 we hear the didgeridoo intro and then that jamming but without wygl first.....and it ends withut playing the song, so now i guess they didn't play it in the 4th one either...hehehe.....well, everything is good and green!

in the album version there are 2 noises, one 30 seconds after the other one, it's a little "bip" in the middle of the song, did you ever noticed? later i'll tell wich second exactly is
irst noise is on 3:18 and second in 3:28, so that's only 10 second later.....i don't know what this sound is, but deffinitelly is not the triengle or any other percussion sound....
when AFO was released i heard few people talking about a noise in the beggining of you give me something, but at least in european version of the album this song starts with a fade in and theres no any strange noise, may happen the same with POML......
we have determined that the sound on ygms it's really a tambourine doing a extrange (but cool) rythm and the noise on poml it's not jay's handclock but another percussion sound that belongs to the song....we'll keep investigating...

feel so good
contains a sample of vernon burch's "get up", but i don't know wich is the sample, i mean, when jamiroquai got dj some samples were used by dzire, and scrached both in album and live (btw i always had the intention to do a list of smaples used by dzire and a investigation of where they were taked, i already know mostof them, but not all), but in the case of feel so good i don't hear any sample and the only thing with vernon burch's song is the guitar sound that is quite similar, but i don't think is that what they say with "sample" if not they'll put "contains elements from...." as in little l wounded buffalo where the bass is similar to boogie oogie oogie bass....

there are so many remixes wich includes new lyrics lines and i always ask myself if they have asked jay to sing again or they just take records from demos or what (if is this it means there are some demos or extended versions we never listened)
listen to
alright dj version excursion
space cowboy club mix
little l blaze shelter mix

well.....they did a tune for the "titan ae" soundtrack, it was called "everybody's going to the moon", then in 2001 tour they played an instrumental version of this track wich they called "titan", but it was called by the fans "electrotune" 'cos the title was unkonw. after playing it on the funk odyssey tour the song had a little change, they added a sample from the original "everybody's going to the moon" song, it was a sample of jay singing "hit that swich and hyperzoon" as you can hear in one of "corner of the earth"'s single live at telewest arena on 2002, "titanium" is only the name of a bootleg wich is known with other 2 names, this boot had 2 different releases with different covers and it's from hamburg 2001
on the verona concert Jay's hat was broken while dancing to titan......

jamiroquai haves lots of interesting videos and for me is interesant to know that they have different versions of lot of their vids,last thing i noticed about different version of a video is with black capricorn day.
the video starts with a shot of a city from the air, following a car, and the credits starts with:
jay kay
derrick mckenzie

now i have recived the "an online odyssey" single and on the video you can see the same video, but on credits you can read:
starring: jason kay

extrange that they have changed that.....

about online odyssey:
after the releases of synkronized singles canned heat,supersonic and king for a day the next single to be released will be black capricorn day, i t was released rarely in japan put the synkronized project was sudenly stoped and the release for europe wasn't done, althoug it was planned.
i don't know the reasons of this change but after this, all jamiroquai world was stopped and they started with the a funk odyssey project, after a year, i 2001 there was this online competition with this promo single to win,wich contains this video, a the white nights remix of bcd and an unreleased synkronized song called snooze you loose, the artowrok of the single is from the photoshot taken for a funk odyssey singles and promos of rick guest (love fool pics) but with a poor buffaloman instead jay on the pic, the also included a clip of little l.

as you all know jamiroquai covered kool and the gang's hollywood swinging song in twm tour, and they released a single of this live song, and appear on some other jami released, they recently recorded the song with the original band (well, in fact, i think it's only jay who have singed it), but the thing is that appart from the kool and the gang's album "the hits reloaded" where the song appears, theres an spanish promo cd wich is quite exclusive, not so many copies were made....and well...if you want it look at ebay...there i get mine! Wink

remix names
when you gonna learn cante hondo mix:
for those who don't know cante hondo is a kind of singing used on flamenco music, originally and most known music from south spain, andalucia and AL-andalus influenced (arabian), probably the most known artist of flamenco and cante hondo is camaron de la isla.
this wygl remix was made by the young disciples (it's not written any remix credits on the single but they are on the thanks section, and i read somewhere they remixed it) but i don't know why they put this name to the rmeix as its not nothing to do with cante hondo music style

eope 12" live:
i guess the 12" it's cos is a vinil remix but the live thing it's what i don't understand, may the added intreumentas were played live, i mean reocrded and not synthetized (as it seems listening to the song), this remix is superb, i really lov eit

eope fingertips (aka fingertips dub):
fingertips is an early song by stevie wonder but i don't think it haves nothing to do with this song, but it haves a great piano solos.

space cowboy stoned again:
the album version is also called space cowboy (the return) in some releases, and this remix appears also as space cowboy (stoned again) so it explains what the song is about for those who don't link the lyrics with marihuana)

space cowboy babinstrumental:
this name explainswhat you will found, the intrumental version of roger sanchez mix (classic club) but with jay's parapapara (or barabababa)

canned heat futureshock remix:
futureshock is a song and and album name from herbie hancock, but again, it does nothing to do with this song

black capricorn day white night remix:
black day- white night, just the opposite

little l wounded buffalo mix:
in past jamiroquai remixes of songs, names for the remixes where jamiroquai mix, jay's mix or chillington mix (jay's studio's name) but this time jay used a seudonime, wounded buffalo is the way denise van outen called him after they broke up


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3propeller 6cool
Excellent work u did jamirokaki!
It's very interesting to know all these things!
GOOD! groundflip

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the trck "sliding" played durin the bootleg "royal albert hall" contains a sample\scrach coming from the tune "housequake" of prince.
i am talking about the sentence"oh yeah"
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i didnt want to post before coz i wanted the topic to be clean..well now i can;
and one more thing i noticed that you have written that "shoot the moon" and "canabliss" will be on the new album..well..they wont Rolling Eyes
i love thoose tunes Rolling Eyes
"on the bass st.st..st..stuuu zender!!"

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