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VENEZUELA, Poliedro de Caracas 28 March 2006 - REVIEWS
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 18:59    Reply with quote

or hide the camera some place they won´t register...

Hint: Nobody will want to touch your camera again...
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Jamirotalk mum

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 19:08    Reply with quote

spacecowboy_vibe... I think you have missed 3 pages of this discussion... Laughing ... you are answering to the last post on the first page of this thread, but there are 3 more... Wink

Never mind! Wink

~ I look up to Heaven, every star I see is mine.
I'm walking on air and every cloud is Cloud 9. ~
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Comodon Johnson

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 14:42    Reply with quote

Ok when will we get to see VIDEOS of this show?!
i mean.. from where i stood there was this guy who recorded the first three songs on his cellphone.. and im sure a lot of guys up there did the same!
plz post them..!!!
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 14:34    Reply with quote

cool pix and reviews, thanks again

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 23:13    Reply with quote

Hello Jtalkers!!! Smile buffaloman I’m really sorry for the delay, I couldn’t sit and write before…but here You have my review of the gig in caracas hope you like it, there are some nice pics We could take despite of the security guys (notice the guy in the pics looked at me like he wanted to hit me heheh Show the tongue )
The pics were taken by my friends and Me... enjoy...

I must’ve died and gone to heaven…

Well dear Jtalkers, this my history gathering the time since I made my last post- I’d go to Caracas about 4 hrs after posting-, the trip, the tiring-exciting day there, arriving to Poliedro and The Definitively gig of my life…AHHHH!!!

We decided- My friend Carlos, Laura and I- to go on bus on March 28 at 00.45 We’d get to Caracas at 7:00 and have the right time to do other important things We need to, Carlos and Laura’s mostly. We wanted to do those things early so We’d be the first in line to do them and everything would be fast and stuff and we can be the first to enter the concert... We felt without telling each other that It would be a giant pressure for us on the day… We’re in Venezuela... things are not the way You’d love to!heheh
We left for Caracas... the trip was good… exciting, talking about everything about the gig and music stuff-Carlos plays guitar and keyboards- and dreaming about songs not played too much or never like Mr. Moon, stillness in time, T.Y.T.D , B.Y.M. and others but my sleep was sometimes interrupted by some "Didge sounds" of one guy’s snoring all the time... snore irked -Somehow It reminded me of Wallis, I don’t know heheh

07:00- 12:00
Arriving the first building at 7, left it at 10:00... that was still cool cuz I wanted to get to the gig at 14:00, But Carlos had to go to his passport thing so I went with Laura to her brother’s apt-she didn’t want to go the gig-to wait for Carlos and do the check-in at the hotel at 13:00… I must confess I felt every minute a mixture of being exciting, nervous about this…It’d grow..

12:00 – 17:00
Carlos arrived to Laura’s a little bit worried cuz he couldn’t solve his problem with his passport and needs it to do his studies outta here… Jamiconcert at night = 0 worries. We went to do check-in at Avila Hotel- nice hotel and the breakfast was awesome- to a very popular mall to to meet Leo-the other friend to go the gig- and eat, after that, we’d go to the poliedro. Something happened: Leo was offered a ticket by his cousin who works at the poliedro, and we have to wait for her till 15:00- I was pissed off cuz I wanted to be there when They’d do the sound check and maybe we ask her if we could pass backstage and meet the band too, but neither this nor that.. We stayed at the mall with her till 16:40 stuck and our heads about to explode!! I was really irritated if I didn’t make it on first-right in front of the barrier- when I’ve well planned to . Evil or Very Mad

17:00 – 21:30
We finally got to the place!... We started to walk but realized Leo’s ticket was one of the general ones, ours were arena- standing in front of the stage- and we parted different ways… we’d catch each other later somehow. It was something nice to see there were few people waiting to enter so I’d still get the chance to be in first row or too close, but sometimes It was weird to think the gig could be a disaster if a few people showed up… it was Tuesday and many of the people couldn’t be there early… Everyone started to get there by 18:00 and so on. Step by step It was becoming a large line to enter... Because of the “Didge solo” I was exposed to during the trip I started to feel sleepy and didn’t want to go all over the place looking a familiar face-You always meet one- I stayed sit 1 hour resting a little and seeing all Jami stuff they were selling T-shirts, caps, sticks and others… sold by people who had never seen this guy in their lives– less of the members of the band.. Jamiroquai is the guy or the band? Derrick Mc what? tock tock - or had a vague idea of the video about the white room and the little boy with the hat- “ las franelas del tipo!!”(“ t-shirts of the guy!!!”- he didn’t know what the hell Jamiroquai was or its singer) one man approached to a friend and said so, trying to sell… LOL It’s so funny to know so much things about something and be gathered with so many people who don’t feel the same way or expect the same as you do -talking of the fan side We all have…
One familiar faced looked for me… my cousin (Jamifan as well)who was trained by me years ago is living in Caracas and was all over the place till he found me He had saved place for us in line and he with his friend were among the first ones in line YEAHHH Cool Very Happy

21:00 – 22:30
I MADE IT ON THE FIRST ROW!!! Right in front of Paul’s spot!!!( in fact: I didn’t want to get the very first to be able to take photos without security guys taking away the camera, so I stepped back one short step heheh. I was behind three lovely ladies I met there, Malva, Patricia and Romina. We had so much fun talking, jumping, dancing and singing, also we protected each other to take the photos)I was kind of excited… and was much more when I found another good friend of mine Jessica and other friend of hers telling me she had a camera… Very Happy Cool Twisted Evil That was a blessing for me cuz I didn’t want to take mine and I’d only use the mobile for photos and video-clips... what an amazing sensation It is really to wait for you favorite bands and as a bass player- being in front of those bass players. I could see everybody’s stuff Drums, keyboard, percussions, bass and guitar from both bands being checked in front of us the guy from the sound check even played a little on drums and people were screaming out loud!!! during this time Armando Figueredo, keyboards on LAI showed up and did a little check on the keyboards and got into again … I think I took just 1 or 2 photos of this quiet stage with my mobile to save all for JAMIROQUAI and LAI. But I had Paul’s basses in front of me and took a pic of that, but it’s not good quality, I took it with the mobile cuz the security guys were watching me…
21.30 pm.
After seeing some stars from TV in Venezuela introducing the show ( I only thought It was only 1 hour to finally see JAMIROQUAI and I’ll be waiting seeing and dancing with LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES!!! The night had no other choice but to be perfect…

LAI showed on the spotlight while the magical steam chose the exact time You could see everyone who entered to play: drums & percussions began to make their acid jazz- latin stuff groove and people just started to scream!!! Then Jose Rafael Torres “ el catire” (The blonde guy) picked the bass. The land were starting to feel the dance grooving, growing… Then Jose Luis Pardo, guitar entered to put chili on it, followed by keyboards and energetic and charismatic singer Julio Briceño.. I didn’t notice but the party was on!!! Everydody jumping, dancing, singing and women screaming their lungs out!!! Crazy, sweaty, louder and sometimes smoother It was a real gozadera! LAI played songs from all their albums. Songs like “Diablo”, “Amor”, “Ponerte en 4”, “Sexy”, “Cuchi-Cuchi”, “Esto es lo que hay” and others were played incessantly by these guys with lyrics that are nothing but sexy, loving and funny!!! When They played “Que rico” I guess It was that one, They make the audience laugh and scream with an dirty-funny game that defined much of the intentions of the band to make you feel in a party. Girls just couldn’t stop screaming for Julio y “el catire”- the favorite ones of them- meanwhile guitarist Jose L Pardo (a.k.a D.J. Afro) made his joropo funky-disco dancing or something like that... That was a snowball performance (Both bands)…every time It was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and better, better, BETTER. They played all their hits melting into a set full of medleys-AMAZING- They did a song of the first album called "Dime" and then to "La Vecina" with some arrangements that were perfect for a show like that. I must say They played like They wanted to, making music look and be heard easy, besides some Latin licks and little parts of old latin songs, playing merengue and salsa… I feel kind of a mixture that They played a very special set, as a gift for a few lucky people.. But They did it in huge show. They were incredible people-person and nice to the public as I remember I saw them the first time 10 years ago… Not another word on that; LAI are excellent for an opening to Jamiroquai and They did it the way they’ve become : music stars… They’re cool musicians and real entertainers!!! I am really proud. Finally “El Sobon” and left, thanking all the people not only for see them coming, but for letting them open a show for Jamiroquai: “Gracias… somos fanaticos” Julio said (thanks… We’re fans!!)

Now it was only minutes to end that waiting…
22:30 – 00:30

Well, there I was... half-step away from the banner, When Enter the Dragon began to sound. Everybody just said Shocked OOooOOHH!!! And started to push a little hard in order to see them closer but We were a huge bunch of people; Carlos, Jessika, her friend- I don’t remember her name, but she was extremely kind-, Malva, Patricia, two other ladies my cousin, 15 more friends and I, heheh… We were stuck all night there… cool!! This introduction was very nice, being a melody so retro, We got that impression of something very unique and disco thingy was coming near.. I thought Jamiroquai would play this intro themselves, but It was right to take people to the final mood We had that night
And there they showed up: Matt, Paul, Rob, Solá, Derrick, Sam, Lorraine and Hazel ( I love you Hazel!!!) all the place screaming loud and louder when Canned Heat chords were played, It’s really something hear that piano live, it was so close to the sound of the studio version that I hardly believed it was happening Matt is an outstanding musician and it shows…and in the twinkling of an eye… Jay appeared!!! 2shocking 2faint AFO hat MADNESS IN THERE This canned heat version is so disco funk that It was astonishing feeling in the middle of all this. People jumping and singing like crazy… We began to take photos, being aware of the security guys- one almost took the camera away from me during LAI performing, but He couldn’t… heheh, He missed!!!!- Gotta say Jay was very energetic and danced so much!!! I thought He’d be kinda quiet and shy…wrong!! The guy was so powerful making jumps every time and on some occasions landing on his knees while music and lights support his movements, It was really fantastic. I could see those things just a few, few steps from them! Even I move my arms back and forth to express Paul Turner he was fantastic and He said “yeah!!!” We were really close to them…Guys, I was very happy… I really liked the little outro on CH, seems to be the second part for Enter The Dragon It’s simpler than when They did when TITAN, but this was rhythmically wicked and frenetic. The three ladies really did their thing and It was shocking watch them do their dance Sam was wearing a kind retro psychedelic shapes blouse and every time lights were down You could see its fluorescent colors, the same thing happened with Sola’s sport jacket which was yellow, purple and green as I remember. Lorraine blouse was so bright that it seemed to be like those balls in the middle of an old discotheque, it shinned so much , it was another light in the show… I want Paul shoes! Green and purple… you couldn’t get much funkier than that !… I sometimes said anything to Paul and He’d say something back or waved at us. He showed thumps up to me two times when I yelled “Paul U rule, man!!!”… Jay said “Buenas noches Caracas!!!” When the song finished and the crowd couldn’t shout louder…then my friend told me if He listened SC chords in the intro He’d probably die there...

SC chords let the song start, and Carlos just went nuts, He didn’t die heheh... In that moment people from radio and TV, press and some persons with connections were allowed to get in to take pics…in front of us and that was the time I could take photos without being seen by security guys. SC was very nice to hear and even though I’ll always love the 94, 95, 97, versions It was cool to hear a fresh sound in it, The band do have a tight sound…It’s just a pleasure to hear good music. Or a song being played differently . They played perfectly… Paul Turner’s playing was so nice, I was shocked about him. He grooved all night and made it seem easier, He is much too nice and smiling. He, no doubts about that, enjoyed playing that night, making faces all the time during every different note he did. Very solid player!
The CG intro was so much fun! Everyone started dancing immediately, Rob Harris’ playing is worth millions in that part, it sounded so tasty and powerful, He was also very nice to all and enjoyed the moment. The background singers began doing their disco choreography and that’s all!! It leads you to an state You can’t help but dancing. I took the chance to call my girlfriend on the phone so she could listen to the entire song. It was a sweet moment for us couple -although she could hardly listen something! heheh
Revolution 1993 was the 4th song and Jay said that It was a song from the first album… Power, brilliant, soul… are the words for this track and Derrick plays this track with such a force! Woow! Derrick plays perfectly, I’m not talking since a fan point of view, he’s perhaps the most talented there…I have no words to tell how It was to listen those things he did, timing perfect!!! Sola played different toys in his place kettledrums, congas and miscellaneous, keeping him busy… I realized something or instead, I forgot one rule: It’s too different hearing a track live that when You hear it on cd, not matter the quality. Here, It’s a direct feeling thing. This song has always been amazing (I would love to travel back in time to see Finsbury Park Revolution cuz It’s sick music) but this song they played here was somehow like the original one on the album. That part when It’s just drum & percussions and then keyboards- bass flavoring the space. It’s mind-blowing hearing the back singers do an harmonization with keyboards… I could hear every note they sang!!! Wooow! I want to credit once again Turner playing, man… It was so colorful and soul in that part!!! This guy has recorded with artist like George Michael, Omar, All saints and others and in this track He showed what He’s all about…

After that, Jay was impressed with the reaction of all people there and he smiled and started making a sort of a tap-butterfly dance from side to another ( damn, I just couldn’t get a photo like that!) and introduced Little L which was one of the songs that didn’t suffer many changes, It was the same as It’s been lately, a mini intro where Rob played a few notes with the overdriven guitar and came the whole band ,I remember Nick Fyffe playing with a plectrum there, on the opposite, Paul played it all finger style, but being his sound tighter and more mid-tone than nick’s that was no difference, also after the second chorus, there was the usual part they do when they change into another progression It was the only occasion I could hear Paul using an envelope filter …It must’ve been a Q-Tron or something like that, loved that sound of keyboards in that song…
SDISJ was the first song of the new album they played, Nice song and all the people sang along with Jay…cool to hear clean tone of the fender Rob used, although everybody keeps telling he’s not the right sound of Jamiroquai, I must say he’s not quite responsible of this... As it seems to me, I realized this seeing them live, the way the band wants to treat each track is the reason (MHO) Rob’s sound wasn’t -the taking place of others- and too louder than I was expecting… in this gig, at least, I think It was the right choice for that way the whole band was playing… also he waved so many times to people when he had the chance, seemed a cool guy…
HT… yes, a little rock and square for my taste, but I didn’t care so much cause they did the impro after the second chorus and It was a different feel suddenly, Jay sang a high note but he didn’t seem to be out of pitch, his voice was a little bit harsh just a little in some moments, he did his best and was alright… My god, the piano in that part was just heavenly, I could hear all things Matt did as if I was listening to a bootleg, PERFECT…and Paul played the rest of the song slapping style so It was something I didn’t see coming, different…cool.
I didn’t expect they could play YGS, It’s the song I like the most from AFO, just a little bit faster than before, but still is a beautiful track, very nice harmonization of the new arrangements of the back singers. Hazel Fernandez is so nice!!! I sometimes- many times- take the chance and wave, or say sometimes to her and every time She waved back at me and smile!!!! In more than one, she wave and wink so cute to me!! Fantastic!!! –Could any of you ever tell her I was the guy with the Sonor cap sending kisses to her? Heheh
DYNAMITE is that sexy We hear on the album but longer cause they did some kind of impro at the ending Where Matt Johnson could show what he could do, I like this Matt more than in the AFO tour… here, He played many parts of the tracks like he’s making sound different from the others, and it was a more intimate sound …all the time this guy was smiling and very nice to people…Something funny happened, Jay went to the middle of the stage, down on his knees he stretched himself to reach a pair of 3D glasses one guy gave him… he hid it slyly and turned his back on everybody, then he turned to people wearing these glasses!!! So funny the combination of the hat and the glasses!! He danced so funny, making everyone laugh with his new look ( I later found the owner glasses was during Fatboy Slim, on Feb 23, here in Venezuela. it was a 3D show and those glasses were part of it-3D Jay hahah)… Solá sang all by himself while J did all of this, I could realized, although everyone was paying attention to J.
UTF, had this type SHAFT-mysterious intro and was interesting here for a short time the compressed - wah sound of Rob bending into the over driven and the distortion finally …rockier than before and that, did the brazilian rhythm took a second place, it has stronger sounds, and it was faster too… Sola is great during this song playing bongos… credit on the outro to Rob’s mad wah which was really street funk and 70’s type one, but not the best choice for chorus, …once again sonically, a blast!! But didn’t have that “I don’t know wth ” they had before (no other like Mclaren one, for sure)
BCD, second track treated as a rock one, changed the heavy synth bass sound it had before, for a more distortion guitar and drumming heavy too… of course the back singers did an excellent job, but the brass section was really missed here, Rob did a large solo that leaded to the “ nah-nah-nah” thing that worked pretty well on people swinging arms and singing with Jay. Best part: intro, Matt and Sola really enjoyed this part looking at each other while playing and smiling.
Someone tossed a KitKat bar to Jay which he took it from the ground to then answer to her -I guess- with a cat sound Oh… KitKat!!!....Ggrrrrrrrah!!” and right after that Love Foolosophy started. Everyone knew the song! It was one the most sung by people and enjoyable being so long with the chorus at the ending (Hazel winked several times… lovely!) Jay went from one side to another during all this time, making little stops to do his dancing making all jump and scream, It lasted much and useful to hear the music the band was doing clearly. Jay took the opportunity to introduce all the people in the band, When it was Matt’s turn, Jay approached to him and said something like “ c’mon…play something!” and did a little nice solo…Lights went from blue to purple-red when the new version of Main Vein, which actually, It’s a part of that, mainly the chorus and Jay singing a few parts with new chords in all of it, a new song almost... Just to break into Matt’s solo on Time Won’t Wait…When lights on the stage got all red! Really, really great and amazing hear the sound of the keyboards and all of us clapping hands… one of the best moments of the night for me… This track is so damned funky live!!! The final part, when the back singers sing all alone lights went off just to light The girls and Jay making some kind of Robotic moves. Fantastic when Jay whispered in the middle of the stage “Keeps on ticking away”. And make a jump to land close to the public…Music stopped and lights out! Perfect.. Shocked
As everyone in the band squeezed the heat in there, drying with towels and drinking Gatorade and water I could see Jay backstage smoke something and suddenly he looked at Paul from there and said “ Now!” , Paul turned back and made sign to Rob and to the others and The sweet intro from Alright was admired by all of us… Matt displayed beautiful sounds there and Paul was a match for it. No doubts, the most awaited that night, the most sung… some girls fell down to the ground. All the poliedro sang a cappella next to Jay the chorus…They waved and thanked all the people and get off the stage to return two minutes later and perform DGHAC, another gift to the audience because It’s the most listened these days on radio… When the track finished some people screamed out loud to play Virtual Insanity (Jay made a little move like saying no, funny) and some others were telling things to Jay and Paul who were so close to us… Jay noticed many people in there were kind of impressed with the bassman and said something to him like “What are we gonna do?” Paul pretended he was going to jump over us and dive heheh… they felt greatful. Jay introduced the next track… while in the intro the three ladies did a kind of Charlie’s Angels improvised choreography, Jay, the rest of the band and themselves laughed at the funny thing, then the ground was hit by this strong and phat sound of Deeper Underground, all people jumping and singing… you could feel the floor itself trembling… Jay thanked all the people once again, the band waved so many times and left. Very Happy

I hope You’ve like this review and the photos. This was the greatest night and even though I think Those who attended to a Jamiroquai concert while Stu was in the band are lucky ones, this actual band is to be one of the tightest these days, great musicians and amazing show… The best!!! buffaloman king Very Happy

2goodvibes Pics by my friend Jess, Carlos and me! Cool

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Jamirotalk mum

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 01:12    Reply with quote

scream woooarr... this has to be one of the longest and most detailed reviews I have ever read at jamirotalk!!!

Thank you so much orlan... this was really amazing! 3propeller... I could nearly hear the songs in my head and was feeling as if I had been there with you! 2bouncy

Great pictures, too! good

Thanks again! 2hug This must have been a wonderful night!


..going to bed now.. it's 3 am here and I will have sweet dreams now!! 2cloud9
~ I look up to Heaven, every star I see is mine.
I'm walking on air and every cloud is Cloud 9. ~
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 03:21    Reply with quote

nice job man!
This is FunkEducation, supporting the 1992-1998 Jamiroquai!!

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Officer & Jamily Coach

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 04:18    Reply with quote

i will read it as soon as possible..i can´t wait for your details orlan...but i am off to work now...
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 04:30    Reply with quote

escellent review!
I liked it very much Wink
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Jamily Coach & Correspondent

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 06:24    Reply with quote

WONDERFUL REVIEW ORLAN!!!!!!! jumpingpurple
One of the most complete i've never read before!
Great work and kewl picturesw of LAI and JMQ!
I dig them so much!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:28    Reply with quote

orlan wrote:
21:00 – 22:30
I MADE IT ON THE FIRST ROW!!! Right in front of Paul’s spot!!!

that's exactly where i usually stand...or try to Wink

thank you for the details of the gig and for including LAI in your review and photos. i know i said it a million times, but they are such great performers.

that's a very nice photo of jay and paul by the way. the one with jay on the left and paul on the right.

it's funny how it all goes so fast, weird to think that the south american tour is over. all good..off to dubai and little h they go.

thanks again orlan, i'm happy you had this experience, deesh

ps. i am officially getting paul a new striped shirt for the next tour Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 13:27    Reply with quote

What a great review Orlan -thanks for sharing!!!!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 13:51    Reply with quote

Excellent review + pictures, Orlan!!
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Correspondent & Expert

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 17:12    Reply with quote

Simply amazing.

Great review.


D! (dyego)
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 20:28    Reply with quote

Great review Orlan! I loved your play by play account of the day and the pictures where great! I was finally able to figure out why my computer was not allowing me to see the pictures on this site!!! Wink
Missing the vibe...1993-1998
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