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My Personal Experience - Jamiroquai in Venezuela

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Joined: 09 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 20:09    Reply with quote

My Personal Experience - Jamiroquai in Venezuela
Hey guys, Im a newbie here in jamirotalk but i hope you take the time to enjoy my words.

Well I hadnīt slept the night before, I was too psyched, ever since Iīve known Jamiroquai Iīve dreamt about seeing them live, then that night my dream came true.

I went to the Poliedro very early that morning, I would have camped out if it wasnīt for the insecurity. I was number 20 in line, troughtout the morning my friends started coming in, and its very venezuelan like to let your friends cut in line, so they did. We were having fun, never stopped talking about what was coming, what songs would they played?, what clothes would they have?, we knew they would rock.

The hours went passed, and a truck beside us started playing Jamiro Music, that got us even more psyched, I mean Does it get better? Waiting for a live perfomance while listening to them.

Night arrived and they finally opened the gates, we went right in, and went for the first row, IT WAS OURS. During the Amigos Performance I had to go to the bathroom, after careful consideration I decided it to hold, no way I was losing my place!

The amigos rocked, they had a really good set, I think they didnīt do better because they were opening and itīs probably against the rules to shine too much before the big band, but they got us all pumped up. Everyone was jumping and screaming the lyrics, if you look for jamiroquai venezuela in youtube.com you can see us in the crowd, well not me but the friends i want with, a dude in a red shirt and a dude with a an afro, i was kicking it besides them farther to the left.

After the Amigos left the stage, there was some small interlude, we sat. Had to save the energy for what was coming, then I knew it was starting. Lights out, the band came in, the first thing I noticed was Jayīs voice singing "You know this boogey is for real" and it was, it was the real thing goosebumps go up my arms and back when I remember that day. I could not believe what I was seeing, we were so closed, we interacted with the band a lot. Threw flowers at them, kisses, love you signs. I wish I would have taken a flag. We called out their names, screamed, sang the songs, we had the best time.

I think every song rocked, every little moment was precious, no complaints and no regrets. I loved it. And Iīll love it again when they come next time. I couldnīt believe how much energy they put in a show, expecially Jay dancing from one side of the stage to the other. I was high on Jamiroquai. Best feeling I ever had. Then it ended. They fooled us twice, going off stage. But we screamed for them "Otra! Otra!" Until they came back on with Donīt Give Hate a Chance, then again went off stage. But we knew what we wanted, they whole house started screaming "Deeper! Deeper" and they got on and gave it to us. No complaints. Everyone was satisfied.

After it ended, months after, I have had a void in my stomach, its like this great drug that you become addicted to. Once you use it you can never go back. Youīre hooked. I doubt any other band can do that to people the way Jamiroquai does. But well, fingers crossed, I sincerely pray for them to come again on their GH tour.

see ya all later
Peace for the Planet

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 16:51    Reply with quote

HI David!

And welcome home!

Thanks for sharing your review, and yes, they MUST come to south america for the GH tour, no doubt!

Take care Wink

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