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Automaton User Review Thread
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 02:43    Reply with quote

Automaton User Review Thread
Self explanatory.

There will be only a basic rule:

No matter what, respect other's opinion, disagreement is healthy, offenses are not.

*sits and grabs the popcorn bottle*

Game on!
At the speed of cheeba, you and I go deeper...
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Joined: 31 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 03:25    Reply with quote

Re: Automaton User Review Thread
iranterres wrote:
Self explanatory.

There will be only a basic rule:

No matter what, respect other's opinion, disagreement is healthy, offenses are not.

*sits and grabs the popcorn bottle*

Game on!

Fair enough, but I would add try not to be offensive. You might not like the new album, and that's ok, but remember where you are, this is a Fans forum, when you use words like shit, crap, etc you are simply being provocative.
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Freddie Hg

Joined: 17 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 05:27    Reply with quote


Instant standouts are Shake It On, Hot Property, Summer Girl, Dr Buzz, and Vitamin. Basically all the ones we didn't hear on the radio! And when I say standouts, I basically mean instant classics. Seriously. Can't believe I'm having that reaction.

Loving the new synth sounds. Some super cool new effects / callbacks to awesome stuff they haven't used before (a lot of cool 80s sounds).

No downright dreadful tracks on this album.

I think it's maybe the most experimental album they've ever had. Definitely a few missteps here and there, but that's to be expected with an experimental outing. And I know "experimental" is usually a word that worries me. But they earn it this time. The abrupt, unexpected turns here and there, it finally works... the kind of weird turns songs like "Black Devil Car" tried and the whole song just fell apart, this time around they've really nailed it.

The album feels very cohesive, probably the most cohesive since Emergency on Planet Earth. And the singles seem to make more sense to me in the context of the album. Honestly it feels more concept than any other album before it.

Shake It On -- felt like I was hearing "Just Another Story" for the first time. So many awesome surprises. Great way to start the album. Love the slow burn start, and then they really earn the huge chorus. And the cool outro, so luxuriously 70s. Big strings, big piano chords. LOVE IT.

Hot Property -- Takes a minute to get to the real juice but OH MY GOD I LOVE THE CHORUS. I'm living for those chords, and that synth choice is perfect. Could do without the Russian woman. Cool sudden bass breakdown. This is the Jamiroquai I fell in love with... spending a nice amount of time doing something cool instrumentally and giving the vocals a rest for a second. But oh man, the chorus.

Summer Girl -- This is a Bond theme, and for some reason evokes images of Ipanema. Again, luxuriating in the 70s lounge feel. Another great chorus, super catchy. Great strings. "She likes to talk politics." Feels tongue in cheek, though I'm not sure it is. Cool horns, strings, and vintage synths to close it out. Excellent.

Dr Buzz -- Another solid chorus. More great synth choices. Some lyrical choices I might have rethought. Some of the sudden turns are a bit more jarring on this one. But the second half of the song sort of makes up for most of the awkwardness in the first half. Particularly that five quick chords thing at the end, pretty interesting. Very end reminds of the album version of Space Cowboy (which, for American fans, led straight into Stillness in Time... I expected Stillness in Time to come on immediately after this track).

Vitamin -- This track is super cool. Feels modern and retro at the same time, and classic Jamiroquai. Another groovy chorus. Jazz piano is a nice addition. This one and Hot Property have chords that put me into pure ecstasy. The chords are Jamiroquai.

OK, it's 1:30 in the morning, time for bed!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:04    Reply with quote

Disclaimer: The little thoughts I've gathered below on all the tracks (minus Automaton and Cloud 9) is based purely on the music itself, I actually didn't spend much time deciphering lyrics at the moment. I'll get around to doing that this weekend when I listen to the album more.

Shake It On starts out with a great 80s sci-fi style synth with the keyboard chiming in every few beats while Jay builds up the track with his vocals as more instruments slowly enter picture. Then the main melody/chorus drops and is overlaid with some thick and distorted guitar it seems. After this, the track goes into a great 70s disco feel, complete with the punctuation of strings such as disco is so known for lol. There's a bit of autotune on Jay's voice at the end of a few verses but it isn't terrible or overused. The backup singers are great in this! Near the end, we get some spacey keyboard goodness and feel the full force of Paul's bass licks. Funky, funky, funky!

Superfresh is great too although it starts out a bit drawn out. Like, "Come on already and get that beat going!" lol. You can feel something great is coming and you can't wait. But once it finally does, I dare you to listen to this without tapping your feet or bobbing your head...at the very least. I like how some of the tracks on this album seem to seamlessly hop back and forth between incorporating a little bit of a modern, digital feel (like Automaton) while moving back into that more natural, funky disco groove sound. There's even some Daft-Punk style vocoder in this track and it works. This is just a great dance track, that's for sure.

Hot Property demands your attention immediately with a thumping bass line that fades in and crisp drums pulling the track along. Lovely Nile Rodgers style strumming on the ends of a few of the verses. Once that distorted, sci-fi synth joins in, I can't help but groove along with a bouncing body and fingers snapping along. I really dig how the beat drops out for a split second and comes back in at certain times. Also, it turns out this song is that little clip that was uploaded to Instagram a while back where the record was put on and we got to hear 1-2 seconds of that supremely funky guitar. That's one of my favorite moments of the track (near the middle). It goes into a little breakdown of pure accentuated funkiness, punchy drums, and cosmic synths emanating everywhere which gets your body moving towards the fading out of the track. This slightly quieter section quickly crescendos to the main melody dropping back in with and by that point, the track has got you salivating for it to come back so you can jump back into full swing of this jam. Love it!

I think Something About You is Seven Days In Sunny June's groovier little sister. It starts out real groovy and then hops into these little bits that sound like they were ripped right out of a Michael Jackson track from the 80s. Especially the second half of the track where you get a disco string interlude with clap-claps, I'm not even kidding. In fact, I can imagine MJ singing this while pop-locking and moonwalking lol. The layered vocals in this section are really amazing. There's also some really cool interspersed moments where Jay sings "It's so tragic to lose that magic" and "Feel like dancing, feel like dancing. Taking chances." that totally remind me of French House stuff like Daft Punk, Justice, or Breakbot. Great use of strings really pulls this track together. This will be an amazing track to cruise to along the waterfront while the sun is setting Very Happy

Summer Girl is a bit softer than the rest of the tracks on this album, it's got a laid back vibe to it. Something you'd listen to on a breezy summer day while relaxing outside enjoying the gentle sun rays against your skin and the lush greenery around you as cars cruise by in the distance and colorful kites are flying high, lazily dotting the azure blue sky. You've got some "wickah-wickah" disco-y guitar, bongos, lots of strings, and floaty vocals by Jay that seem to linger in the air like a fluffy cloud passing by on a summer day. This is more of a "breather" track but it's still properly funky with bongos and a disco feel throughout and strings that make you wanna sway back and forth in your seat.

Nights Out In the Jungle enjoyable because it has Jay showing off his hip hop chops and the track features ringing bells, the twisty scrape noises of what sounds to be a wooden guiro, and animal noises. It reminds me of early in the band's career when they'd play live. Sometimes they'd go into a whole jungle interlude with Jay on stage making bird and monkey noises and the band used to have a DJ back then as well so there were hip hop-esque record scratches and adlibs aplenty lol. I think it's a cool throwback to that. And whoever said the vocals are similar to Everybody's Going to the Moon (the track Jamiroquai created for the animated film Titan A.E.) was spot on. When the song seems to start carrying on too long, it jumps into a twinkly Arabian type of deal with monkey sounds. This track is very different from what we would expect of the band these days but it still has that underlying groove we are familiar with and it gets a bit easier to swallow and enjoy on repeated listens. If the entire album is the equivalent of a box of Boston Baked Beans (the American candy, which consists of peanuts coated in a sweet, hard, candy shell) then I liken this track to that rare moment you inevitably get the surprise of biting into a Boston Baked Bean with a stale peanut inside lol. It's not quite off-putting enough to have to spit out but it throws you for a loop when it first happens and you continue chewing anyway because that sweet candy shell flavor still shines through. Me and my analogies!

Dr. Buzz is effing amazing. It starts off with this deep and grungy sound like the beginning of Deeper Underground (but nowhere near as long haha). Then the bouncy bass says hello and Jay's echo-y voice joins in with this lovely, contemplative synth groove. Halfway through, it funks the place up with this ethereal 70s keyboard bit and some nice scats of "Bada-ba-ba, bada-bada". When that saxophone solo came in out of nowhere near the end and that synth section came on afterward, followed by the guitar solo, I was knocked on my ASS. Sooooo good. They even incorporate the sounds of a police radio near the end because of the song's subject matter. This is something I'd enjoy nodding to on a calm, late night car drive. That's all I can really say at this point lol, I really, really love this track. It feels like it would have been right at home on The Return of the Space Cowboy. In fact, the track actually has a very similar fade out at the end with high pitched, sustained synths just like the track Return of the Space Cowboy Shocked

We Can Do It seems to be another "breather" track similar to Summer Girl in that it's got a more laid back vibe to it. After listening to We Can Do It a few times over, it's grown on me. That bass line and the percussion really does it for me. Oh and that organ? Love it. I also really like Jay's throwback to the track Drifting Along when he says "We're super cruisin'.....oh yeah!" with that reggae feel lol.

If anyone here is into video games, Vitamin has that spaced out vibe of the music from Phantasy Star Online. Which I looooove. Also has a somewhat similar percussion style as the track Travelling Without Moving while giving the feel of She's A Fast Persuader. I really enjoy Jay's cadence in this track too. The interloping strings throughout with the horns is just magical. I know that's corny but damn, this track just drips and oozes pure futuristic funk. Digging the jazzy piano that comes in a little over halfway into the track too. We even get some spacey "wah-wah" sounds reminiscent of stuff from Return of the Space Cowboy! This track could have been on Travelling Without Moving or Synkronized, easily.

Carla caught me off guard after hearing that short sample in that interview video the other day. This one is so groovy with deep synths and "wah-wah" style guitar licks in the background. I like the crystally punctuation and chimes during the verses and chorus too. It's a very sweet and heartfelt track which hits me in the chest because I have a daughter myself so the track just resonates with me on a different level. I can see Jay getting emotional while belting this out live as he contemplates how far he's come in life while looking out over the dancing, clapping crowd who helped support the band all these years and got him to where he is today which has given him the resources needed to provide for his daughter. Great closer for the album.

Oddly enough, I didn't have that sentiment that others have stated where the tracks seem to end right when they wanna hear more. For me, the tracks have the perfect duration and they are very well-contained. Jamiroquai are known for typically having a marvelous bridge to a lot of their songs that sometimes switches things up or climaxes and then the rest of the track reverts back to the previous style. Other times, their tracks build and climax at the bridge but then continue with that momentum for the last part of the track so I understand why some people aren't too keen on that since the band seems to enjoy really jamming out near the end of some of their tracks lol. I do admit, I would love to hear extended versions of stuff like Vitamin and Something About You.

Oh, and I take back what I said a couple pages ago: This might actually be the first Jamiroquai album where I end up not skipping a single track. Granted, sometimes I might not be in the mood to hear a certain track or two but overall, yeah...I can see myself listening to this in its entirety majority of the time. That even includes Nights Out In the Jungle Laughing I agree with Freddie Hg, this album is very cohesive compared to the previous couple of albums put out by the band. Looking forward to hearing the Japanese bonus track Nice and Spicy!
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Joined: 05 Feb 2017
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 16:01    Reply with quote

I think that this is Jamiroquai's strongest,most consistent album since AFO.
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Joined: 30 Mar 2017
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 16:03    Reply with quote

Shake It On
So here's the thing with Jamiroquai. It was never a “retro” band. Many fans and haters never got that, and seemed to think Jamiroquai was as good or bad as any generic funk or disco act from the 70s. It never was even close to that. Haters who were actually listening noticed that, and dismissed the band for being to clean, too bland or too white. Some fans did notice that too. Cosmic Girl, for example, could've never been released in the 70s, not just because the mixing desks are different, as JK once remarked, but because it is in fact an evolution of disco form. Disco tended to be long, boring, hypnotic, made for drunk and drugged people on the dancefloor who couldn't be paying less attention to detail and variation in the music. That's why America hated it, and that's why pop dance music was born. By then, however, disco elements had been cursed and left behind. What Cosmic Girl brought was pop form in disco styling. It's an evolved form of disco. With Shake It On, JK either shows that he never really got that point, or that he forgot it. 1/10

I'm all for trying out new stuff. I really like the idea of reliving 80s sounds, especially considering how perceptive of obscure visual and musical references JK really is. The verse in the title track is not mimicking synth pop or Chicago house. I'd say even italo-disco, even before being revived by Daft Punk, is more mainstream than what they tried here. It's a really daring and counter-intuitive chord progression. The rap break is even better, and one of the best things they've produced lately. The chorus, however, is overly sweet and obvious, exactly the opposite of what we've learned to expect from Jamiroquai, except for White Knuckle Ride and similar garbage from RDLS. The chorus is also pure 80s synth-pop, with reverb-filled vocals and all. It's so bad it renders the song unlistenable. 3/10

Cloud 9
Bland, generic lounge song. Jamiroquai has finally become what rich mid-30s house-addicted fans always thought they were. 7 Days in Sunny June and 2 Completely Different Things were nods to these fans, but they were actually good songs, albeit a bit cheesy in terms of production. This follows the same direction, with less success. 2/10

I was really puzzled when I heard this on the radio. How can they have lost it so much? As much as I despise Black Crow or Corner of the Earth, they're cohesive songs that follow a clear path. Superfresh is melodically and harmonically confusing, and not even in a professional way. What about that EDM turn at 0:55? This is the song that got me depressed about the album. 0/10

Hot Property
Very good. This is the best song in the album, in terms of the connection between writing and production. It has a clear concept, all military, electro-funk, picked and slapped bass, bended and Princey rhythmic guitars. Too bad JK went with these cheap analog synths. Still, better than many songs in the back catalog. 7/10

Something About You
What's the point of coming up with a good chord progression and using it only at the end of the song? It's the only part that matters here. 4/10

Summer Girl
Jamiroquai always got the distinction between a pastiche and a cliché right. Even their most obvious pastiches (Cosmic Girl, Drifting Along, Spend a Lifetime, Black Capricorn Day) didn't sound as they were trying to convince anyone that they were an act from the 70s. They've crossed that line. It's as if they were trying to show to a post-apocalyptic isolated generation what the music from the 70s really was like. I do like the song, though, and all that cocktail vibe of the old disco orchestras; it's just sad that JK lost that sensibility. 5/10

Nights Out in the Jungle
I understand why JK thought this album was “all killers, no fillers”: there are no ballads and all songs are intended to be catchy — even though they're not. But what on Earth was he thinking when he considered this a killer as opposed to a filler? I get the reference to Kid Creole, but come on. Why bother making that reference?! 0/10

Dr. Buzz
Insert curse word. 0/10

We Can Do It
Despite being a filler that clearly took 10 times less to write and produce than the previous track, it's not as cheesy. They'll both be forgotten anyway. 1/10

Vitamin has such a mysterious harmony, such an inspired melody, lightness, agility, tightness and the perfect mixture of party beat and puzzling and melancholic mood that all the best funk and disco tracks have always had. It wasn't produced to match the level of opulence of Starchild, Where Do We Go From Here?, Do It Like We Used to Do, Time Won’t Wait or the ending of Main Vein. On the other hand, precisely for being discrete, with some empty spaces, it's fresh, feline, serpentine, sheer smoke and mirrors, like the theme of a Broadway dancer dancing all by himself in the middle of a big city night. Apart from the hideous saxophone solo, this is the track that should have made into a model for the whole album, with boldness, mystery, originality and, of course, jazz. 8/10

Yes, they're using Stevie Wonder's moog bass patch, but the bass line is actually good. The melody is good as well, but Matt Johnson just can't write good chord progressions. Also, the concept is very confused, like most of the album. 3/10

Overall, I feel they could have written better intros and outros, used less to no cheesy reverb in vocals, insisted more on getting better solos and made less bizarre decisions, like having Carla's chorus almost a cappella, or writing Superfresh's amateurish chord progression. The mean is 2,8/10, but I'd give it a 4/10 for changing the direction from the horrible RDLS and trying to write conceptual songs again, like they did until Dynamite, which is by no means one of their best albums.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 16:57    Reply with quote

You amateurs Cool
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:21    Reply with quote

djbuffaloman wrote:
You amateurs Cool

HAHA you made me laugh
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 19:17    Reply with quote

djbuffaloman wrote:
You amateurs Cool

At the speed of cheeba, you and I go deeper...
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 08:25    Reply with quote

Can't really complain.....
I don't understand the people who overly criticize the band or Jay for that matter at this point to the degree that they do. This band has given us over 25 years of kick ass, genre jumping, life affirming music. I for one am very grateful and if they packed it all up today and went on with their lives they left quite the catalog behind.

That being said Automaton is a mixed bag for me.

I'm at the point as a fan that if I can listen to a project this far along in a bands run and get one or two songs out of it that really blow me away then I'm satisfied. They'll never match the early output from a cohesion standpoint, or even an inspiration one. It happens to damn near every act. The band is 25+ years into this and Jay is almost in his 50's. Think about the acts you know that aged gracefully enough to make a project even half as good as this one.

Now as far as a review goes.....

Vitamin absolutely blew me away. GREAT track man. It's that kind of deliberate, pounding groove that I like. The lyrics are tight and non cheesy. There's bite to it but it's super infectious. Some songs just get into you immediately and take over and this one did right away. I felt the same way about She's a Fast Persuader on the last album. No bullshit tracks that go get the groove and ride it with precision and purpose.

I remember when Runaway and Radio were released for the Greatest Hits album and I was excited about the direction that the band would be going in from the impression of those tracks. (Both are still incredible songs and really kind of underrated). They didn't quite follow the path of those two tracks on the last two albums but here and there you can see it and I think they're at their best the last 10 years or so when they do these types of songs.

Dr. Buzz impressed me structurally and thematically. I could see the storyline in the song and feel it in the music at the same time and that's the mark of a really well put together song. The message behind it is needed right now too. Bravo on this one.

I enjoyed Nights out in the Jungle, We Can Do It, Summer Girl, and Something About You as well. Shake It On didn't really grab me. Neither did the remaining tracks but I'll stick with them.

All in all a VERY worthy addition to an already awesome catalog. Vitamin goes right up there for me with my absolute favorite Jamiroquai songs and that's saying alot.
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Space Clav

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 13:31    Reply with quote

Just my personal opinion. Others may not agree.

I think the album in general is weak. Some highlights. But nothing extraordinary. However, I think this album will be commercially more successful than RDLS and Dynamite.

Shake It On: It's cheesy and it's repetitive but I kinda like it. This song has remix potential. It's catchy and the string arrangements are lush. But... there is something missing. No magic. Quite forgettable in the long run compared to many previous songs. 5/10

Automaton: No. Just no. 0/10

Cloud 9: MrMister said bland. I agree. The verse is boring. The chorus is pretty ok, but sounds very generic. 3/10

Superfresh: The beginning of the song puts me off totally. Musically and lyrically. And the vocoderish Autotune flange effect or whatever it is... no, just no. Fragments of the bass line earns this song one point. 1/10

Hot Property: This is not my cuppa tea. I would've preferred a more organic sound. But I can definitely see why some like this a lot. It's quality but not for me. 6/10

Something About You: The first 2 min 50 sec are boring, generic and bland. The magic starts at 02:50. Like MrMister said, "What's the point of coming up with a good chord progression and using it only at the end of the song?". The ending of the song gets 8/10. Total overall score is 4/10.

Summer Girl: Pretty ok standard disco with some highlight moments. Lacks that certain magic in general though. 6/10

Nights Out In The Jungle: No. Just no! 0/10

Dr. Buzz: A short segment (a little shy of 1 minute) starting at 03:58 does not make a 6 minute song. Sorry. While I like this part (6/10) the rest of the song is so meh the end result is 1/10.

We Can Do It: No you can't. 0/10

Vitamin: Now we're talking! My favourite. That sax solo though... have mercy on me please. Jazzy piano is nice. But a Rhodes solo and a tasty flute solo instead of that sad excuse for a sax solo would render this song 9/10. As it turned out on the album still a solid 8/10.

Carla: The most genuine lyrics off this album. I don't like the chord progression. The vocal melody sounds monotonous and uninspiring. Boring. 2/10

Automaton as an album gets 3/10 from me.
Old school forever!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 15:59    Reply with quote

In my opinion, this is easily one of their best albums. Automaton, Cloud 9, Summer Girl, Dr Buzz and Vitamin are some of their best songs since the nineties. Right up there with many of the best singles for me.

The tracklist is very unconventional. At first I found tracks like Superfresh and Something About You to be a bit jarring, almost repulsive? But that was down to their placement I think, I love them now. It's a very risky track order which will throw a lot of people off. It's actually quite an experimental and challenging album.

It's a balancing act between the poppier stuff the band made, their more instrument-focused stuff from the earlier 90s.. and a more "futurofunk" style that JamiroFan calls it.

A great album, but it requires a lot of listening to really make sense of unless you listen to a few different styles. If all you listen to is Jamiroquai, some of it might feel a bit ugly or weird. You can't just listen once or twice and drop it, it's not enough.

Automaton (the track) is one of my favourite singles over the past 15 years, no doubt.

Overall, 8/10.. awesome summer album. I highly respect the experimentation going on compared to a pretty formulaic industry.
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wounded buffalo

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 17:13    Reply with quote

Great to see this has such a good response, generally.

One of the great things about Jamiroquai is that each album has its own character. Personally I love all of them (yes even RDLS!) and this is no exception. Musically it reminds me most of Synkronized, with prominent bass and strings.

The standout tracks for me are Shake It On and Hot Property, while Dr Buzz is amazing after a few listens. I still love the title track.

A few tracks (e.g. Nights Out) feel a bit like album fillers, but I don't think that's a bad thing as it helps break up the album a bit, when listened to in the context of the album. Plus all their albums have these (remember those endless didgeridoo tracks?).

My only gripe is that it feels a bit uninspired lyrically (with a couple of exceptions). It's a shame given that the band started out making protest songs, with videos being banned in the states etc. The album was almost called Pangolin, and the liner notes make a plea to save this species from extinction, so why couldn't they make a song about that?

Overall though another classic album for the collection.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 21:17    Reply with quote

Jamiroquai, Well after 6 ½ years, we’ve got an album! Although I don’t have the album yet, and haven’t played it through to really hear the entire vibe. But each individual song makes its impression.

This album seems more expressive, & passionate, or personal than others. It’s maybe too soon, but what I hear is a consistent driving beat throughout the album, and lots of bass (Paul). Everything is about dancing, so I’ll probably call it their Dancing album. I won’t try to decipher the meaning, but just the music vibe. But the determination, driving beat and choruses seem to be the defining character of Automaton, which seems less about mechanical technology than I thought, although you've got the great synthesizers, and SSL (solid state affair), I assume Matt is in control of this. The Automaton is maybe about the automatic life we live, and the driving beat is about the constant we live in.
*my favs

*Shake it On will never be confused for Taylor Swift. This intro defines the albums’ drive, a very determined place for Jamiroquai? But it’s more than an intro, it’s a great song. The consistent pounding beat, Disco groove, it’s like a heartbeat! I love his voice on this one. The chorus is so great.

Automaton is a great song! It really reveals the Sci-Fi side of Jamiroquai, which you can’t deny. (already talked about)

*Cloud 9 –love the heaven intro, really well-written song (already talked about). Love the lead guitar (Rob). This is the classic of how Jamiroquai take the negative and make it good. The video though gives it more depth, to perhaps anger and clearly a moving on stage, as in King for a Day.

*Superfresh –has the best intro, Crazy -reminds me of a Marvin Gaye song and another 70’s tune in lyrics, but in a different groove and beat. (Nobody else will hear this). It’s a little robotic theme, but the song is really cool. Very danceable, luckily since it’s about dancing!

*Hot Property – love the intro effects smothered in deep groove/vibrations. the Youtube makes it sound distorted, not sure if it's like this on the album. We’re all packing in the u.s. Razz The second part of the song continues like a jam, like old albums used to; Donna Summer-ish.

*Something About You –I thought this was gonna be a ballad, but it’s got a driving beat! a good song. The verses don’t predict the chorus, but the chorus is maybe the best on the album.

Nights out in the Jungle –oh my god it’s the ‘80’s again with all the effects! Funky, a little rap, a little background guitar solo, just a little of everything- wait, is that cowbell?! I originally thought it was an instrumental track.

Vitamin –Is this Acid Jazz? It’s very unique. This is the gift to all those that claim Jamiroquai don’t venture out. This is another expressive song.

*Summer Girl –love the drum intro- Just a great summer song! Seems like a Spanish influence or something, dreamily listening.

Carla –just a sweet song, with a groove! Children do make your life complete!

I’m so glad there is Sunshine on Jamiroquai! Best of luck Very Happy
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Jamirotalk mum

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 18:58    Reply with quote

Jonas, please tell me that review is an april's fool joke... please!! Shocked
~ I look up to Heaven, every star I see is mine.
I'm walking on air and every cloud is Cloud 9. ~
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