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RDLS - My Thoughts
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 03:24    Reply with quote

Okay ... Now that´s my turn to be honest.
Well, I feel very in line with most of the posts here, especially Funk Fiction. Totally agree I couldn´t say any better !..
As I stated previously, I´m a bit of an Acid Jazz/Soulfunk head.. So RDLS could never be a great album for me.
The problem is ... it is "normal", "common" "mainstream". It is nicely played, yeah, alright .. But the thing is .. There is no big difference to what a lot of pop-rock bands are doing out there .. And I´m definitely not a mainstream music guy - I am quite picky, I hate stuff going on MTV and I feel annoyed everytime I turn on the radio of my car.
You see, what made me get into Jamiroquai, was .. it was different ! .. I still remember, in my teen skating years, a time where boy bands were dominating, there it was this weirdo with a huge hat, a girly tipe voice, scatting and doing some spacey moves on TV .. I liked immediately!
To be honest, I feel a bit away from Jamiroquai maybe since A Funk Odissey, but always had a a tiny hope they would come back with something "Jamiroquai-ish". I had huge huge expectations on this release, especially after live performances last summer (Paleo for instance, was great). But then .. With the exception of "Fast Persuader" all the album didn´t sound like Jamiroquai (again .. ). There is a huge lack of soul, feel and the typical Jamiroquai distinction through the entire album. Even the art work ...
Well, I guess that the band and Jay changed a lot with time and so did the music. I don´t blame the man - of course not - that´s his band! I still respect Jay very much, after all, he did some amazing tunes and live performances, but now he crossed 40, his mood is different .. he is entitled to do music the way he pretty much wants to.

P.S: Funk fiction, "funk up tempo" was awesome!!! You´ve got a fan. Try working with "High Times" his style is quite similar (I´m a fan too)! Got to start learning some music and hit my Fender Rhodes as well Wink

Away from soliloquies of sadness
And prophecies of pain ...
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 19:40    Reply with quote

FunkyVibes wrote:
I also don't understand why the title track, Synkronized, was never included on Synk. In the interview with Al Stone, he indicated that it was finished along with the other tracks. Maybe it used samples that were never approved?

That's true! It was never included anywhere.

I don't know if you're familiar with Culture Club, a band that was huge in the 80's. They were ''masters'' at doing it! 3 out of their 5 albums (4 of which were released in the 80's) don't include the title track in the tracklisting!! In general they used the song as a B-side to the singles... Go figure!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 02:04    Reply with quote

what i can say, at least for me, this album reflects many things on my life these days Shocked
for some unknow reason i dig the meaning of every song and lyric
is like telling my last two years in a album Shocked so, i just expect, well, to me this album is getting one of my favorites, just like TWM(in my fb i got the TWM logo)
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